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    MTV Roadies Revolution 5th September Episode 3rd Vote Out Results: Who Will Be the Be Eliminated This Week in the Double Vote Out?

    MTV Roadies Revolution gears up with to the dual play, double vote outside incident. Following a series of intense jobs, MTV Roadies Revolution gears up for its first double vote outside session.

    Pratibha has been given the resistance by Neha at the previous week’s episode. Neha shows she may waste her immunity following time if given a opportunity. Neha boasts of working hard from the cow dung job to get her the resistance. But, Prince measures in and says its own both Vipin’s error also.

    Rann Vijay inquires the group leaders that will the 1 contestant they’d love to view as the’most perfect Roadie’. But he fails to reveal.

    MTV Roadies Revolution Immunity Upgrades September 5th Episode
    Team Prince arrived second from the amusement task and got two immunities. The group got the OPPO advantage. The next contestants received resistance from Prince:

    Kakori (Yami Ripta) was frustrated with the movement. She expected to be resolved in this event (and rightly so). The banter continues after Prince’s conclusion. Sakshi shares her insecurities and everything is sorted out of this week’s event.

    Sapna admits her status in the series isn’t apparent but those baseless speculations are coming about priorities. Sapna Mallik makes it crystal clear that she wishes to live and remain.

    Prince conserves Akash. Therefore, Akash is immune from this week’s vote outside session.

    MTV Roadies Revolution Many Ideal Favorite Roadie Votes
    Rannvijay opens the envelopes that included the group leaders’ vote to get the best Roadie, no matter any team they belong to.

    Prince picked Akash. Pratibha faces Prince for showing favoritism to Akash for demonstrating his prejudice because of his brother. But, Prince describes his stand.

    Nikhil picked Michael. Neha picked Pratibha. This was rather surprising. Raftaar picked Jayant. The favorite contestants Based on the group leaders are:

    MTV Roadies Revolution Double Vote Out Results
    The next non-immune contestants obtained these votes out of their fellow contestants:

    Jayant, Vipin, Aman, Nisha and Sanjay obtained minimum or no votes. But Kakoli, Tarandeep, Hamid, Sapna obtained a Significant chunk of their votes. Therefore, the suspense built up towards the ending. The vote outside session was full of suspense and moved down to the cable.

    The vote outside session moved down to the bottom three contestants:

    Sapna Mallik
    Kakoli (Yami Ripta)
    Eventually, Both of These contestants were voted from MTV Roadies Revolution:

    Sapna Mallik
    Kakoli (Yami Ripta)
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