Roadies Revolution

Abhimanyu Singh Raghav: Roadies Revolution contestant

Abhimanyu Singh was born on 16 April, 1997 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He belongs to a modern and well-settled family.

Ayusi Adhikari Ayusi Adhikari

Ashish Bhatia MTV SplitsVilla 12 Contestant’s Biography, Age & Relationship

Ashish Bhatia SplitsVilla 12 contestant is a well known Artist, Actor, Dancer, Rapper and a Choreographer. With the whole package

Shubhangi Bhardwaj Shubhangi Bhardwaj

Roadies Episode 24: The dreadful double vote-out

Hola! Readers. Do you remember where the previous episode ended? If not, let us recall ourselves. Cutting the long story

Kritika Chandrakar Kritika Chandrakar