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    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review

    Your Honor
    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review

    Sony Liv‘s original series, ” Your Honor” is an Indian web series which was premiered on June 2020, with its first episode which came out on 19 June 2020. It is directed by E Niwas. This series has been made under the banner of Applause Entertainment. It consists of 12 episodes and sticks very well with its name and to the tone of the Israeli show “Kvodo”, on which it is based.


    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review
    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review

    In the series Your Honor, When his only son is involved in a hit-and-run accident, a judge from Ludhiana loses his honor and sense of judgment in the SonyLiv web series Your Honor. Abeer (Pulkit Makol) injures a biker severely and flees. As if that weren’t bad enough, the accident victim is Satbir’s son (Mahaveer Bhullar).

    Even as Satbir, who is in jail, vows vengeance, Bishan (Jimmy Sheirgill), the judge, starts to act like the innumerable criminals he has imprisoned. Bishan ponders, “What kind of son have I raised if he leaves an injured man on the road?” The severely asthmatic adolescent has yet to r0ecover from his mother’s suicide and does not appear to have a single friend. Bishan on the other hand is also up for promotion to the high court from the circuit court.

    From lying about Abeer’s car to fabricating a fall guy supplied by his friend, Kashi, the judge bends the law he has sworn to defend (Varun Bandola). Bishan, on the other hand, isn’t quite the alibi master. He appoints Ruma (Parul Gulati), his adoring protege, to play the role of Guddan, the fallen man (Parag Gupta). However, like the pitiful Abeer, who is always causing trouble, through his worrying, Bishan has a habit of making mistakes.  

    Nearly everyone in the series is infected by the tribal loyalties to which the judge succumbs. Kiran (Mita Vashisht), the police inspector in charge, is torn between her duty and keeping the peace between Satbir and rival Bihari gangster Pandit (Yashpal Sharma). Kashi, Pandit, and Guddan are outsiders in a city that despises them, and Pandit is furious that Kashi has sacrificed Guddan to save Bishan.


    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review
    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review
    1. Jimmy Shergill as Bishan Khosla
    2. Mita Vashisht as Kiran Sekhon
    3. Yashpal Sharma as Pandit
    4. Varun Badola as Kashi Samthar
    5. Suhasini Mulay as Sheel Tandon
    6. Mahabir Bhullar as SI Satveer Mudki
    7. Parul Gulati as Ruma Pathak
    8. Gaurav Amlani as Junior Sub Inspector
    9. Anuj Singh Duhan as Satnam Mudki
    10. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Punji
    11. Pulkit Makol as Abeer Khosla
    12. Taniya Kalra as Amrita Singh (Sports Teacher)
    13. Richa Pallod as Indu Samthar
    14. Bhani Singh as Juhi Khosla, and many more


    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review
    Your Honor 2020: Plot, Cast and Review

    Instead of focusing on the characterization and performances, Sony Liv’s “Your Honor” sticks to the original show’s beats of endless dramatic twists and flourishes. Even as Bishan’s grand plan spirals out of control, destroying much of the narrative logic in the process, the performances remain on track and the characters continue to pique our interest, if not always our empathy.

    Bishan’s ability to commit crimes undetected cannot be attributed to Ludhiana’s law enforcement inefficiency, but rather to script-writing constraints. It helps that he’s played by Jimmy Sheirgill, who gives a finely honed portrayal that captures Bishan’s affection for his son along with his ruthless and self-serving tendencies.

    Kiran, a single mother attempting to navigate a rickety boat through troubled seas, is played superbly by Mita Vashisht. Kiran’s deference to Bishan, whom she respects, is subtly depicted, as is Kiran’s dismay when she starts to pay a high price for that respect. Varun Badola, whose Kashi is similarly forced to lay his head on the chopping block for Bishan, Yashpal Sharma, as the ruthless gangster Pandit, and Kunj Anand, as Satbir’s equally ruthless son Harnam, each leave their mark in their scenes.

    As the unlikable and feckless Abeer, Pulkit Makol is all too compelling. He’s the kind who would get himself into trouble and then expect to be bailed out. Because the plot of Your Honor revolves around Bishan’s rescue mission, the odds are stacked in favor of the young and trim judge.

    When was “Your honor” released?

    19, June 2020

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