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    Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti and KT to Shockingly reveal Furti’s Pregnancy to Kushala?

    Star Plus Shaadi Mubarak is going through a high voltage drama that really hooks up the audience.

    In the recent track of the Show, KT wanted a child and became a father and even it is speculated that Preeti is pregnant. However, her Reports came negative for Pregnancy and it is also revealed that she has ovarian Cancer. Preeti who is devastated for not giving KT a child meets her friend’s daughter furti who accepts to be a surrogate mother of KT and Preeti’s child. But kushala doesn’t know anything regarding furti and Surrogacy and according to her, Preeti is pregnant.

    Till now, in Star Plus Shaadi Mubarak, Kushala comes to the hospital to collect some evidence but furti bumps into her while walking and the files get exchanged. Preeti hides her cancer truth from K.T. Further, happiness strikes Preeti after knowing that the surrogacy procedure went successful and furti is having her and K.T. ‘s child in her womb.

    Now, Preeti will decide that she along with K.T. and Phurti will go to London for nine months. So, kushala and other families couldn’t find anything regarding Surrogacy. 

    However, when Kushala will come to know about Preeti’s decision then she will take the decision of accompanying Preeti and KT to London in spite of furti. Which leads to furti thinking that Preeti is making her fool and leaving her with their child. Hence, she will go to Tibrewal’s mansion.

    Shaadi Mubarak
    Shaadi Mubarak: Preeti and KT to Shockingly reveal Furti's Pregnancy to Kushala?

    As we already know in Shaadi Mubarak drama, kushala may have her suspicions on Preeti being pregnant as she will give the evil eye gifted by Kushala to furti. Soon, there will be a major confrontation where Kushala will question Preeti if she is pregnant or furti. She will further tell furti that she can never understand Preeti’s significance in the house.

    According to the source, preeti will later tell KT that they will have to declare the truth about furti carrying their baby. So the plot is getting interesting day by day and successfully binding the audience with surrogacy plot. 

    Moreover, stay tuned with telly gupshup to know the further updates of star plus drama shaadi mubarak. 

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