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    Shaadi Mubarak: KT and Preeti’s Secret out miserably in front of Kushala

    Star plus Shaadi Mubarak is going through an interesting storyline which hooks up the audience.

    As the plot is getting interesting day by day in star plus series shaadi mubarak as from the previous episodes audience saw the surrogacy track. KT wished for a baby and Preeti tried hard to fulfill it. But she got to know about her ovarian cancer and she can’t become a mother. Preeti felt guilty for not being able to fulfill KT’s wish. However, Preeti met foorti and she agreed to be the surrogate mother of her child. As KT and Preeti decided to hide this from their family.

    But in the previous episode of Shaadi Mubarak, the lie of KT and Preeti came out. In the holi episodes, Sonali and Dr . Mitali came to meet with preeti. Kushala who made them visit Preeti was happy for her pregnancy. Even she told everyone that her bahu is best as she is giving a lot of happiness  to this family.

    Shaadi Mubarak: KT and Preeti's Secret out miserably in front of Kushala
    Shaadi Mubarak: KT and Preeti's Secret out miserably in front of Kushala

    Moreover, Kushala gets an ancient kamarbandh box to give preeti and says that this kamabandh is given by her mother in law as a sign of love. And now she is passing the same kamarbandh  to her daughter in law as a sign of love and respect. However, after opening the box she found a fake belly and said that it must’ve KT as he is an actor. 

    Later, Sonali along with Mitali comes back and exposes the lie of KT and preeti. She said that preeti is not pregnant and she lied to everyone in the family. Not only this, mithali exposes that she checked foorti not preeti and preeti is not pregnant. Later on, Preeti confesses everything to Kushala which upsets her. Preeti told kushala about Foorti surrogacy which made her anxious.

    Shaadi mubarak
    Shaadi Mubarak: KT and Preeti's Secret out miserably in front of Kushala

    Furthermore, in the upcoming episodes viewers will see Kushala shouting at Preeti and confronting KT for taking the side of her wife. So, several twists and turns will happen in the star plus shaadi mubarak which definitely interest the audience.

    But this update raises several questions in viewers’ minds like how will kushala behave with Foorti? Will she accept her child as KT and Preeti’s one? Will she accept Foorti or make her leave the house?

    Now whatever be the answers of above questions, one thing is definite, that is entertainment for the viewers. So stay updated with TellyGpshup to find more updates on star plus drama shaadi mubarak.

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