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    Shaadi Mubarak: Is Preeti Pregnant

    The star plus show Shaadi Mubarak is going through a whole lot of drama in current Episodes. Shaadi Mubarak is a show starring Manav Gohil and Rati Pandey inside the lead roles as KR and Preeti.

    In line with the storyline, KT marries Preeti, but he says that Preeti is only a friend. In the recent track, Preeti is attempting to get the Divorce from KT as their wedding takes place due to circumstances, and KT does not love him. However, once they attain a divorce with mutual understanding, KT and Preeti are told that affection is also a shape of love, so it isn’t viable that there is no love between them.

    The fans love the twists in the serial, and Upcoming Episodes will provide you with a new dilemma. Within the episodes ahead, the drama will revolve around Phurti.

    Within the current Episodes of Shaadi Mubarak, KT and Preeti requested Phurti to be a surrogate mother for KT and Preeti’s child. Preeti and KT need to hide it from Kushala. But, Kushala will attend the clinic and will ask the ward boy to get the file. At the same time as Phurti might be in a predicament, Preeti will try explaining to her that she has no time and should agree to what she says. Also, KT and Preeti will sit in a puja while Phurti might be dissatisfied that KT and Preeti have left her on my own in this state. Ultimately, Phurti could be seen packing her luggage and coming to live in the Tibrewal residence.

    Furthermore, seeing that Kushala feels that Preeti is pregnant, she can deliver her a locket of an evil eye while Preeti will pass it on to Phurti since she is carrying her baby. Later, Kushala will spot it around Phurti’s neck and question Preeti why she gave her the locket. About which Preeti was unable to answer. 


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