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    Shaadi Mubarak 20 March Update: Will Preeti Die?

    Star Plus Shaadi Mubarak is going through an interesting plot, which successfully hooking up the audience.

    Preeti enters the hospital with Kushala helping her in removing her ornaments in this episode of Star Plus Shaadi Mubarak. Preeti’s hair is coming out in clusters, and Kushala is saddened by this, so she hides the hair and gives Preeti strength.

    Shaadi Mubarak
    Kushala is devastated by preeti’s hairfall

    Later, in Shaadi Mubarak Drama Preeti is informed about her operation and then she sees the couple supporting each other while walking down the corridor.

    Shaadi Mubarak 20 March Update: Will Preeti Die?
    couple talking in corridor

    Moreover, in Shaadi Mubarak Kushala feels bad for asking Preeti to keep her cancer a secret from KT. When Preeti imagines KT and smiles, they move on, but tears well up in her eyes as reality hits her. Kushala is sickened by the patient’s state. Preeti expresses her sorrow to Kushala and says she misses KT, to which Kushala apologises. Kushala is experiencing dizziness, while Preeti calls the doctor worried.

    Shaadi Mubarak 20 March Update: Will Preeti Die?
    kushala during dizziness

    Furthermore, in the drama Shaadi Mubarak, KT is angry with Juhi for keeping Preeti’s cancer a secret. Later, when the family learns of Preeti’s illness, everyone is shocked, and Neel tries to comfort KT. He, on the other hand, yells at Neel and imagines Preeti running away from him. He runs to his car, chanting Preeti’s name, and starts it, ignoring Shivraj and Neel’s attempts to stop him.

    Shaadi Mubarak 20 March Update: Will Preeti Die?
    KT moving out of the house to meet Preeti

    Kushala is examined by the doctor, who advises her to rest. Preeti’s doctor advised her to rest and reminded her of her operation at the time, while Kushala apologised to Preeti for being a bother. While the doctor asks Preeti’s husband to sign her operation form, Preeti consoles her. Tibrewals, on the other hand, pray for Preeti’s wellbeing in front of God’s idol. When Priyanka is crying, they become teary-eyed.

    Shaadi Mubarak 20 March Update: Will Preeti Die?
    Tibrewals Praying to god

    In Star Plus Shaadi Mubarak, When KT walks into the cabin, Preeti goes to get the pen. Preeti’s eyes well up with tears and she wraps her arms around him tightly. He consoles her as she apologises for keeping her illness hidden from him. She explains why she is doing it, and he tells her that she will win the battle against cancer. As she stares at him, he gives her courage. Later, she sobs, he says she should have told him about her cancer.

    Shaadi Mubarak 20 March Update: Will Preeti Die?
    KT met Preeti in Hospital

    Moreover, kushala appreciated kt for handling the situation. The Doctor asks for KT’s Signature. Preeti walks towards her cabin as he nods. She stares at him as he promises her that he will always be there for her and gives her trust.

    Kushala gets emotional thinking about what KT must be going through as KT follows the doctor. KT staggers along the lane, keeping his head in fear of Preeti. He enters the doctor’s cabin, where she tells him of possible postoperative complications for Preeti. He gets shocked while the Doctor asks him to sign the papers.

    Shaadi Mubarak 20 March Update: Will Preeti Die?
    KT discussing Preeti’s Situation in Hospital

    He eventually leaves the hospital and travels to the temple. He expresses his anger at God’s idol, claiming that god has mistreated Preeti by making her suffer. He tells God how she has never hurt anybody and cries in front of him. As Preeti arrives, he prays for her with teary eyes. He hides his tears from her as she encourages him to express his feelings. They both exchange glances.

    In the later episodes, foorti goes into Labour pain and Priyanka informs the News to KT. Later, preeti tells kt to take care of her.

    As Star Plus Shaadi Mubarak is getting more interesting day by day. And it is going to be interesting to See How it will manage preeti and Foorti together? What will be the future of preeti? And for several other queries stay updated with telly gupshup.

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