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    Roadies Revolution Episode 32: Fun ride leading to double vote-out.

    Knocking to the next morning with a bigger smile expecting this episode to be an even more aroused and an exciting one. Come, let us witness the next task between the rivalries and see who becomes the kingpin of the episode.

    Episode 32 follows a new survival task and the roadies get ready to give all they have to it. As we already know that groups have been formed and leaders have chosen their warriors in the previous episode, it is gonna be more entertaining to see the leaders struggling for the immunity. This episode is a fun ride covering quiz competition between the gang leaders. To add a pinch of drama in it, Rannvijay calls out Prince Narula to be a part of it again. Everybody is beyond happy seeing him again in the show after days. Yes, he is back in the show and guess what? Even Neha Dhupia seems content about it. The basic education ride is on. On winning this quiz battle, the winning team will earn a star, the second leading team would be able to immune one of their contestants, and the third & fourth team will lose the game and earn nothing, eventually, they will be non-immune.

    Roadies Revolution Episode 32: Fun ride leading to double vote-out.
    Still from today’s episode. Prince Narula is back in the game.

    The rules of the game:

    1. The leaders are not supposed to answer the questions in the first place.
    2. The gang members shall be given a time period of 30 seconds only to pen down the answers.
    3. The leaders won’t be giving the answers but the first one to hit the gong would be guessing the name of that particular roadie who he/she thinks must have written the correct answer from their gang.
    4. The member will show his clue card only on being asked to if his or her name is called out by any of the leaders.
    Roadies Revolution Episode 32: Fun ride leading to double vote-out.

    The task is titled as “The gong wrong task” because it involves hitting of the gongs for answering first only when you are sure or the gong will make the team drown into the ocean of jeopardy and I’ll tell you why. The first one to hit the gong and guessing the right name will earn two points but calling out the wrong name will lead to losing two points i.e. minus two points. And in case the name is found to be wrong but the written answer on the clue card turns out to be right, the team will get one point.

    None other than Rannvijay seems to be showing his pack of teeth because vo humesha sabke maze leta hai as usual. Don’t you think?

    Okay, so bumping into the details of the task:

    • The first question is taken away by Nikhil and he calls out Michael’s name. Michael owns the first question and Nikhil earns two marks.
    • The second question is hit by Neha and she takes Abhimanyu’s name and bummer, this is the wrong answer. Poor Neha! She gets minus two for this question.
    • The next question is taken away Prince and he takes Apoorva’s name and guess what. Minus two to the gang Prince because we all know Apoorva, right?
    • The fourth one is hit by Neha and she speaks out Abhimanyu’s name but he writes the answer after 30 seconds getting over. Even if the answer is right, no points? No. She gains another minus two with the blunder that called out Abhimanyu’s name. I don’t why fate is never on Neha’s side? Agar Aapko Pata Ho Toh Zaroor Comment Karke Batayein. 😛

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    • So, finally arrives Varun’s chance and he gets the fifth question. He says Vipin’s name and Eeep, he gives the right name. Varun gains two points.
    • Neha owns the sixth question as Abhimanyu, Bhai Matlab Ek Baar Bewkoofi Karne Ke Baad Bhi Inna Bharosa. Kaise? Why Neha why? But this time no more bewkoofi, right answers only and so he gives the correct answer to the question. Plus two to the gang Neha.
    • Nikhil takes away the seventh question and writes Michael’s name. And boom again a right answer. Plus two points to gang Nikhil.
    • The eighth question is hit by Varun and calls out Vipin’s name. Boomer! Vipin comes back with the wrong answer. Minus two points for the gang Varun.
    • Time for the last second question and Neha tops the hitting of the gong. She takes Abhimanyu’s name yet again. Dubaane wale ne upar bhi laa dia, good job Abhimanyu 😀
    • The last and the final question is here and it is taken away by Nikhil. And guess what, he again writes the only player’s name he has i.e. Michael. I mean Duh! Arey dusro ko bhi mauka do yaar. C’mon Nikhil give chance to others also, please? Bang on! Michael gives the right answer again

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    1. Clearly, team Nikhil is on the top of the list. Hence, Team Nikhil is immune with a total of 4 stars which brings him one step closer to the finale.
    2. Talking about the rest of the teams: Team Prince scores -2, Team Neha is at 0 points, and Team Varun scores 0 points. Conclusively, Team Neha and Varun are second on the list but only one can be declared the runner up and for this purpose, another question is thrown on to them which is taken away by Varun and finally, the fate is on Neha’s side. The three of them gives the wrong answer and now Varun is at -2 points. Thus, team Neha is in the second position.
    3. Gang Neha owns one immunity. It will be decided later as to who will be given that one immunity.

    The most eyeball grabbing part of the episode, the vote-out is here and so without wasting a bit of our time, let us jump to the voting session.

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    But before it, Neha has to confer the immunity to one of the three and she gives it to Poonam.

    Now, happy dramatic session to you all as the vote-out is about to begin.

    Arey, wait na. Has there been any vote-out without a twist in it so far? This one is gonna be the same. The vote-out will be done by the four roadies who are not in the danger zone i.e. Mike, Hamid, Shreya, and Poonam and they will individually put one roadie each into the danger zone and the final vote-out will be taking place between those four of them and the two of them will be voted out tonight. Taddaaa! A lovely surprise, no?

    So, here goes the nominations: Mike calls out Akash’s name, Hamid calls out Jayant’s name, Shreya nominates Nisha, and Poonam nominates Apoorva, that means two names each from gang Varun and gang Prince. The final vote-out goes this way:

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    All eight of the roadies (excluding Hamid, Shreya, Poonam, and Michael) will be writing their votes and names that would be counting are Akash, Jayant, Nisha, and Apoorva. Let’s get further into who writes whose name-

    1. Abhimanyu Nisha and Apoorva
    2. AmanApoorva and Nisha
    3. ZabiNisha and Akash
    4. ApoorvaAkash and Nisha
    5. AkashNisha and Apoorva
    6. NishaApoorva and Akash
    7. Jayant Akash and Apoorva
    8. Vipin Nisha and Akash

    The first one to be eliminated tonight is Nisha, the second name will be decided amidst Apoorva and Akash as Jayant is safe because no votes have been written against him. Rannvijay put forward an option before Prince. If he desires to save one of the names, he may do so by renouncing one of his stars. Prince chooses to give away his star to save Akash.


    Nisha and Apoorva have been voted out. To be very honest, I strongly wanted Apoorva to get eliminated and tonight was the time. All the loyalty, friendships, betrayals, and anger have been poured out in this episode and everybody has acquired their lessons.

    What do you think about Nisha and Apoorva going home? Let us know. Till then, stay tuned, stay connected.

    Roadies Revolution Episode 32: Fun ride leading to double vote-out.

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