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    Roadies Revolution episode 29: Goodbye Pratibha!

    Three people named Tushar, Matrika, and Sahil have won Castrol Power one Digital Contest and have visited the roadies to interact with them. At first, it seems like they are here for a lot of fun with some serious moves planned in their minds. But after having interacted with the roadies, they will give one name from the remaining roadies and that particular roadie will be given an advantage. The fun part begins and everybody presents their skills they excel in and three of the visitors seems to have involved with them so easily.

    This episode follows the vote-out session and this part is my personal favourite, undoubtedly. Team Nikhil and Team Varun lost the last task and they will be standing in the danger zone whereas Team Neha and Team Prince are going to be safe. Arushi express herself regarding what happened in the last task and ask everybody to play safe in the vote-out session and be rational about who they will be voting out today. Amidst the session, Arushi put forward the demand of justice or an action against Pratibha for the slap that she made on Arushi and for playing without following the decorum of the game. She further adds that taking a player like Pratibha would be disrespectful and not fair to this whole Roadies show, to women, and to herself. Rannvijay, as he hear her part of issue addresses the final decision and says, “That act of getting up and and showing aggression when the ball was not in play, will be penalized”. Pratibha, after coming across what just Rannvijay said, apologizes to Arushi and the leaders to which Arushi‘s come back is, “Pratibha ye apology abtak kaha thi kyu nahi aai jabtak topic nahi utha tha, kal to pura din tha apke pas. Agar mai yeh point uthati nahi toh yeh discussion bhi nahi hota” and so on. So, here comes the most exciting moment when Neha yells at Arushi and says, “One second Arushi, dont get ahead of yourself”. In reply to Neha who says, “Pehle apology ki baat uthai fir apko timing bhi laani hai. 60 minutes pehle apologize karti toh you would have accepted, 60 minutes baad mafi mang rhi to you won’t accept”, Nikhil says, “Its not about timing. An apology given under the threat of punishment is not an apology”.

    Roadies Revolution episode 29: Goodbye Pratibha!
    Roadies Revolution episode 29: Goodbye Pratibha!

    After some moments of maara maari and a lot of disputes, Rannvijay speaks out the final decision taken over for Pratibha concerning the slap. He says, “There are certain lines that a roadie and a human being should not cross, chahe vo show h ya na ho”. He asks the other roadies to show off their hands and decide if Pratibha should not be immuned to which Arushi says, “I don’t want her to be even non-immune”. She asks for someone like Pratibha should not be taken forward in the game and justify that slapping someone is okay. Hamid, Aman, Akash, Michael, Nisha, Shreya, Poonam, Abhimanyu, Jayant, and Zabi raise their hands and agrees that the slap is not something that can be justified and that Pratibha should not be immuned as well. Pratibha is sent away to the danger zone as she is no longer immuned.

    Due to all these chaos, Rannvijay leaves and go to check the CCTV footage if the slap was intentional. Only after that, any decision could be taken. So he returns and asks Pratibha to come back to where she was standing before and says that the slap is not acceptable to anybody. Pratibha is confined from continuing in the game and she is told to stand where the voted out contestant usually stands. Thus, Pratibha is eliminated from the game.

    After so much intensity, final vote out begins and this time it would be done in pairs. A complex yet fun riding vote-out this has been. The roadies choose their respective pair and the pairing goes this way:

    • Jayant is paired up with Abhimanyu.
    • Zabi is paired up with Poonam.
    • Michael is paired up with Nisha and
    • The final pair is made of Sanjay and Arushi.

    Before the vote-out begins, Rannvijay tells the name of the contestant who receives the advantage given by those three visitors and Shreya wins that advantage. She now has the power of dropping two votes and not just one.

    The vote-out goes like:

    1. Hamid writes the name of Poonam and Zabi.
    2. Jayant – Arushi and Sanjay.
    3. Shreya – Arushi and Sanjana.
    4. Apoorva – Arushi and Sanjana.
    5. Arushi – Nisha and Michael.
    6. Poonam – Arushi and Sanjay.
    7. Zabi – Arushi and Sanjay.
    8. Nisha – Jayant and Abhimanyu.
    9. Akash – Arushi and Sanjay.
    10. Michael – Arushi and Sanjay.
    11. Sanjay – Nisha and Michael.
    12. Vipin – Arushi and Sanjay.
    13. Abhimanyu- Arushi and Sanjay.
    14. Aman – Nisha and Michael.

    From the above sequence of the names from the vote out session, it is pretty obvious that Arushi and Sanjay have been voted out but because this vote out demanded only two people in total to be going home and Pratibha has already been voted out, there will be a battle for survival between Arushi and Sanjay. Whoever wins shall be returning back to the Roadies journey.

    Let us see who make it to the journey and who is gonna have his/her Bon Voyage ceremony.

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