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    Roadies Revolution Episode 26: Lights out and Immunity in.

    Where the episode begins with Roadies having joy and exploring the hotel rooms, everybody seems living their best moments, there arrives a message calling them at their next task location and everybody is left petrified as none of them knew about the coming task.

    Sanjay is found curious and outspoken. He asks people why nobody wants to perform for Neha. Why nobody is ever interested to be playing from the side of Gang Neha? Arushi, don’t know why jumps to answer him and says, “Agar ap mujhe puch rahe hain mai bata deti hun, first thing sabko pata hai Pratibha and I don’t fit together.” And this takes the form of an ugly dispute between Pratibha and Arushi. Yes, the most awaited scene of the whole Roadies show, its conflicts and dramas. Next, Apoorva tries to move ahead to answer Arushi to which Tarandeep reacts and come in between by saying, “Oye piche rehke baat kar”. Aah, these fights are the treat to eyes, lol!! Arushi’s statement that “Agar Pratibha kuch na bhi kare toh bhi Neha ma’am usey hi bachayegi” worked as the ghee on fire which made Pratibha filled with rage and Sanjay and Apoorva as well. Arushi, at last, tells that she no longer wants to talk to them and the fight gets over.

    Roadies Revolution Episode 26: Lights out and Immunity in.
    Gang Nikhil to give the names they want to challenge.

    Let us frisk to the task, what the Roadies and gang leaders will have to do and what will be the advantage of winning-

    We already know where the previous episode ended and what is going to be the demand of this episode. Team Nikhil had won the last task and today, they will challenge any of the remaining contestants to defend. If each member wins the task, they own the immunity and get immuned in the next vote-out session. The same will be applied to the participants who had been challenged, if they win this task. Rannvijay catechized if the four of them have had pre-decided the names or they changed the names later? They said they have pre-decided the names. He then ask them to write the names to whom they want to challenge in the cue cards. Let us get specified with the names-

    1. Hamid vs. Vipin
    2. Shreya vs. Poonam
    3. Aman vs. Abhimanyu
    4. Michael vs. Jayant. This turns out to be very exciting and shocking simultaneously because Jayant is the team captain of Gang Varun. He is utterly stuck as to where to go and cheer for whom.

    Moving ahead to winning of stars by the gang leaders that I previously disclosed in the Roadies update post. The gang leaders are asked to bet on the right horse. It is totally discretionary if they want to bet a star on any of the four from Nikhil’s gang or any of the opponents, predicting he or she will win and if it happens, one star will become two and if does not, the betted star will go into Rannvijay’s pocket. Varun comes ahead of the first and bets his star on Michael. Nikhil gives the red signal and denies to bet. And so does Neha. The last gang was Prince’s and they too give a NO to bet a star.

    Jayant feels poor and confused if he should win or lose to which Varun says, “Jayant perform kar, At the end tujhe hi aage jana hai ye journey tumhari hai. I want good competition.” Tonight, Jayant will perform for his survival and not the star.

    So, the task is Manforce Safety and the name of the task is Lights Out. The task encircles around “Samne wale ki batti bujhani hai” and this will happen through an armour which carries three lights. The opponent will have to defend and attack by the sword at the same time in order to save from getting light out and to make the lights go out/ lights off of the defender party. Whoever makes the lights go out of the opponent first, is gonna make it and get immuned.


    1. The first round was between Hamid and Vipin. Hamid won it in the blink of an eye.

    2. Second battle was set between Poonam and Shreya. I am happily writing this one. Poonam got this one and she won it already, man!

    Roadies Revolution Episode 26: Lights out and Immunity in.
    Shreya and Poonam fighting for mmunity.

    3. Third round started between Aman and Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu owned it like he knew he is going to win it.

    4. The final battle round was going to be most interesting between Michael and Jayant. Jayant lost not because of lights but due to breaking of sword. Michael won the game which had almost been slipped out of his hands and the destiny had already written his name as the winner. Felt bad for Jayant, though.

    Roadies Revolution Episode 26: Lights out and Immunity in.
    Michael and Jayant fighting their battle.

    So, the conclusion is here- Michael, Poonam, Hamid, and Abhimanyu have earned the immunity and now are completely safe for next vote-out. And Varun has now three stars. Putting himself between hard and rock place has paid off.

    Roadies Revolution Episode 26: Lights out and Immunity in.
    The only leader who bet a star made it through a tough situation and won at the end.

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