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    Zabi Khan Roadies Revolution contestant – A revolution in itself. Read to know who is he.

    Zabi Khan Biography-

    Zabi Khan is a popular name in South India. He was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He started working for animal rights at the tender age of 13 years when he encountered an incident that shook his soul.  It all started when he found a forsaken puppy, took it to his home and named it ‘CASSANOVA’. Two days later, the dog fell ill and passed away.  After this incident, he decided to devote his life working for animal rights. Zabi Khan Roadies Revolution contestant - A revolution in itself. Read to know who is he.


    Zabi Khan (commonly known as Zabi), an emerging name in South India is a young animal rights activist belonging to Hyderabad, Telangana, India.  He runs an NGO named “A place to bark” located in Hyderabad.

    • Full Name- Zabi Khan (formally known as Zabi)
    • Age- 22 years old.
    • Date of birth- 11th June 1997.
    • Birthplace- Hyderabad.
    • Height and Weight(approximately) – 1. 5’6″  &  2. 60kilograms.
    • Profession- Animal rights activist.
    • Educational Qualification- Completed graduation in Engineering.
    • Schooling- From a private school in Hyderabad.
    • College- K.G. Reddy College of Engineering and Technology.
    • Body measurements (approximately) – 1. Chest- 38 cms 2.Waist-28 cms 3.Biceps- 13 cms.
    • Zodiac sign- Gemini.
    • Hair colour- Black.
    • Marital status- Unmarried.
    • Parents- The name of his mother and father is not known yet.
    • Siblings- 1 sister (Shumaila Sayed).
    • Hometown- Hyderabad.
    • Residence- Hyderabad.
    • Caste- Muslim.
    • Religion- Islam.
    • Nationality- Indian.
    • Instagram handle- @md_zabi_khan
    • Facebook handle- mdzabi.khan
    • Twitter handle- @mdzabikhan2



    • He was awarded as the Rise Young Citizen.
    • He was awarded The National Youth Icon for Humanity.
    • He is a Padmashree Nominee.
    • He has been awarded the Pride of Telangana.
    • He is a Social Entrepreneur.
    • He is a World record holder for being the World’s Youngest Animal Rights’ Activist.
    • He is the Founder of a registered NGO “A place bark society”. He started this NGO from an early age of 16 years.
    • He is a Humane Educator and
    • He is first to have a recognised as an Ashoka Youth Venturer.

    So far, he has rescued over more than 500 animals and reintegrated the lives of over more than 3000 animals.

    It would be different if we read what he has said about himself and his inciting and motivating work. He says-

    I love animals for as long as I can remember, I was a real stubborn kid and always used to trouble my mother to eat. Every morning she used to take me out, we had some colony dogs so my mother used to feed them the half chapatti so that the half would be eaten by me. I think that little gesture made by my mom has impacted my life in a tremendous way.”



    Zabi Khan Roadies Revolution contestant - A revolution in itself. Read to know who is he.

    He has stated that their work is not just limited to rescuing dogs but rescuing other animals like cats, turkeys, hens, ducks, rabbits, and birds too.

    He has successfully formed a self-sufficient, self-governing system in his college which attracts students in making their contributions in some way, big or small. This ensures the running of the helping shelter. This contribution system also engages students in activities other than studies. The animal shelter is located within the college campus. He is the first person to make his college the World’s First Animal-Friendly Educational Campus.



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