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    Roadies Episode 24: The dreadful double vote-out

    Hola! Readers. Do you remember where the previous episode ended? If not, let us recall ourselves. Cutting the long story short, three of the immunities from the underdogs’ team had been snatched away by the favourites and the application of those immunities was left to be done. This episode is based on the distribution of immunities and voting out two Roadies each from both the teams.

    The episode starts, the night stay for the roadies is arranged in a heritage village. The night was the relief before the storm as none of them is aware of the vote-out session that is to happen as the first thing in the morning. Have you been excited?


    Okay, let us come to the centre of episode 24. The “surprise vote-out”, the part of this whole Roadies show which remains the most awaited of all time. The lending power of immunities relies on the hands of four leaders. There comes a pitch from Apoorva’s side and presents her opinion that Vipin, Pratibha and herself are in the eyes of others to be voted out. Neha reacts to this and makes her expression wisely and here we already know the spark of rivalry and the wrangle between Neha and Prince. Yes, we are aware of this old custom, right? Prince being the gang member takes Apoorva’s side which leads to another subject of conflicts and that to another. Apoorva, who has already been saved many times and played her luck well pitches for her safety and does not concern about others to which Varun and Nikhil agree but we know who are the antagonist to each other. After some deliberation and scrutiny, the two names are finalised from Underdogs team who shall be given the immunities. Akash and Micheal are first two names but for the third name, Neha does not seem to be agreeing but at the end, Jayant is bestowed the last immunity.                                                                                                        Now, time for the frightful turn. These three contestants have now the power to decide and call out the names from whom the immunities should be snatched away. Akash snatches away Pooja’s, Micheal says Abhimanyu and Jayant call out Tarandeep’s name. So, this is clear that from eight of team underdogs, the three of them have already lost their immunities. Time for Garma Garam vote out is here. One each from both the teams are going to say bye to this Roadies journey tonight.

    Let us begin with team favourites and see who wrote whose name-

    1. Akash- Pratibha            6. Apoorva- Kevin
    2. Micheal- Apoorva         7. Vipin- Kevin
    3. Sanjay- Kevin                 8. Pratibha- Kevin
    4. Kevin- Apoorva
    5. Jayant- Kevin

    Well, we can already assume who is going to be emotional here and for whom. Yeah, we guessed it right. Aarushi seems to be worried and emotional simultaneously. The despair turns into a bit of anger which is reflected when Aarushi cries out for Kevin. We could not agree more with what she states against Apoorva. The argument arises between Aarushi and Prince. But it won’t end between them because we know the “old custom” of differences of opinions between Neha and Prince. After moments of disagreement and acrimony, the next series of the vote out prevails and now is the time for team underdogs-

    1. Pooja- Abhimanyu                6. Srishti- Tarandeep
    2. Abhimanyu- Tarandeep      7. Tarandeep- Srishti
    3. Aman- Srishti                         8. Aarushi- Abhimanyu
    4. Zabi- Tarandeep                    9. Nisha- Srishti
    5. Prakhar- Abhimanyu           10. Hamid- Srishti


    This is irrefutable that Srishti and Kevin have been voted out. Episode ends. Rannvijay shares the news about spreading of Coronavirus, therefore everyone will be going home and we will be watching Roadies after a span of 6 months. Till then, stay tuned folks.

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