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    Pushpavalli Season 3: Release date, Cast, Storyline.

    Sumukhi Suresh’s Pushpavalli is an Amazon Prime Video’s original series that premiered on 15th December 2017. It is an Indian web series based on comedy and drama that focuses on an overweight girl named Pushpavalli Parsuraman who falls in love with a young and attractive guy named Nikhil Rao. Her love becomes an obsession. She leads herself into the way that is apocalyptic. Leaving behind her studies, she follows the hero of her life to Bangalore and finds a job that does not suit her preference and totally unrelated to her, on the same street as Nikhil. The story moves ahead and they meet. She goes for wrong decisions and lies to everybody that comes into knowledge regarding her moves in the second season.

    Season 1 is rated 7.5 out of 10 by IMDb and was much appreciated, unlike the second season. The viewers seemed to be disappointed with season 2 as it became annoyed and over obsessive in the views of binge-watchers. Some of the reviews focused on poor scriptwriting and augmentation of some of the scenes in the series.

    Pushpavalli Season 3: Release date, Cast, Storyline.
    Pushpavalli Season 3: Release date, Cast, Storyline.

    Season 2 premiered on 13 March 2020 on Amazon Prime Video all over the world which ends with a huge explosion taking place of which, Pankaj and Pushpavalli become the victim. The series reaches to the final point when Pushpavalli trying to get herself up noticing the person lying on the floor.


    The expected date of Pushpavalli season 3 is in early 2021 around March as season 2 just arrived in March 2020. The audience might have to wait a little longer than a year as the time gap between first and second season was 2 years so, nothing can be said with reliance but just an assumption.


    1. Sumukhi Suresh as Pushpavalli Parsuraman, the main protagonist of the tale.
    2. Manish Anand as Nikhil Rao.
    3. Preetika Chawla as Swati.
    4. Naveen Richard as Pankaj.
    5. Ashok Pathak as T-Boy.
    6. Shraddha as Vasu.
    7. Latha Venkatraman as Amma.
    8. Urooj Ashfaq as Tara.
    9. Sumaira Sheikh as Srishti and others comprised the first season.

    Season 2 had no change in casting and the same leading roles are likely to continue the series. No new name has been added to the list as no such news has been heard so far.

    Pushpavalli Season 3: Release date, Cast, Storyline.
    Pushpavalli Season 3: Release date, Cast, Storyline.


    The story will be revolving around Pushpavalli taking vengeance from Nikhil for humiliating her and to which extent the madness drives her to, will be an interesting watch.

    For more updates, stick around 🙂

    Pushpavalli Season 3: Release date, Cast, Storyline.

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