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    Poonam Shah: Wild Card Entry in Roadies Revolution

    Poonam Shah, the battleground winner has now become the part of MTV Roadies and is seen as a participant of 18th season of popular youth-based adventurous show Roadies, along with Dr Prakhar Narayan. The two have entered the house proving themselves. Let us know more about this 23-year-old:-

    Poonam Shah: Wild Card Entry in Roadies Revolution
    Poonam Shah(2019-present)




    In her stated words, she is the founder of youngsters’ community named Beach Please which cleans up the beaches in Mumbai and her revolution is against plastic pollution. She further explains herself that in part-time, she is a fitness trainer who specializes in physical strength conditioning which is in athlete performance enhancement. Moreover, she is also the player of Judo which she takes into account as her hobby.

    She adds that she is an environmentalist and therefore she vibes well with Nikhil Chinappa as he is an ec0-activist too. She is a young mind with a serious message of bringing a revolution which has the capability of rampant propagation.


    • Full Name- Poonam Shah.
    • Date Of Birth- October 30, 1997.
    • Age as of 2020- 23 years old.
    • Birth Place- Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    • Hometown- Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    • Family Details- Not known yet.
    • Profession- Environmentalist, Part-time fitness consultant.
    • Additional Expertism- 12 years learner of Judo, has the black belt.
    • Schooling- Could not be found.
    • College- Could not be found.
    • Educational Qualification- Graduate.
    • Height and Weight(approximately)- 1. 5’6″ and 2. 60 kilograms.
    • Hair and Eye Colour- Dark Brown.
    • Religion- Hinduism.
    • Nationality- Indian.
    • Instagram Handle- @poonamshah5

    Poonam Shah: Wild Card Entry in Roadies Revolution





    Poonam was born and brought up in a Hindu family at Mumbai, Maharashtra and has completed her graduation. We have no complete information regarding her family as for now. We can rely on this fact that she is a trained Judo player which she has learnt for 12 years, these long years of sweat, practice, cuts and bleedings has given her the Black Belt in martial arts. She considers herself fortunate to have started the martial arts journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Currently, she runs this community called “Beach Please” which aims towards cleaning of beaches in Mumbai and lessening the use of plastic which is the ultimate source of pollution. The community is growing rapidly and has a remarkable impact through its working and field of activities. And she works as a fitness and health consultant at Nevertheless, she is now a participant of Roadies Revolution. She has shared that being a wild card entry, it is a bit hard to go along the way as the others and getting fit into the frame.

    Let’s see what is written on her proportion of fortune and where does this journey take her to.

    Poonam Shah: Wild Card Entry in Roadies Revolution



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