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    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive

    One Punch Man is an Japanese Anime Series. It’s a series based on Manga that is written by Tomohiro Suzuki. It’s a superhero fiction plus comedy series that will give you a good laugh and entertainment.

    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive
    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive

    The anime consists of two seasons, One Punch Man Season 1 and One Punch Man Season 2. The whole anime is based on Saitama who destroys everything with just a single punch. He trained hard to achieve this God-level power. He tends to find a tough competition where he can pull up his full skills and do a real fight. He meets up with Genos who admires him and asks him to be his Sensei (teacher). They both fights villain and save the world together.

    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive
    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive

    One Punch Man Characters

    One Punch Man characters consists of Saitama, the hero.


    Genos, Fubuki, Tornado of Terror, Speed-o-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider, Sweet Mask, Puri-Puri-Prisoner, Flashy Flah, Atomic Samurai, Dr. Kuseno, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, King, Bang, Blast, Tank Top Master.


    Vaccine Man, Carblante, House of Evolution, Mosquito Girl, Doctor Genus, Deep Sea King and others, Garo, Dark Matter Thieves, Monster Association, Garou.

    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive
    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive

    One Punch Man Episode List

    One Punch Man Episodes are full of fun. The episodes of first season are:

    1. The Strongest Man- Villain Vaccine Machine appears in this episode where Saitama shows his first punch and defeats the villain by that only.
    2. The Lone Cybrog- Genos fights with Mosquito Girl. As the fights going intense, Saitama jumps in and destroys Mosquito Girl with one punch. Genos felt so motivated and starts following Saitama.
    3. The Obsessive Scientist- Doctor Genus, the leader of House of Evolution tries to learn the power of Saitama.
    4. The Modern Ninja- Criminal Hammerhead appears demanding free goods. Mumen Rider tries to defeat him
    5. The Ultimate Mentor- Saitama and Genos took the Hero association exam.
    6. The Terrifying City- Genos asks Saitama to teach him while Saitama figures out new tactics to train Genos.
    7. The Ultimate Disciple- A meteor suddenly changed its pace to City-Z. All the S class heroes gathers together.
    8. The Deep Sea King- Deep Sea King appears declaring war on humanity.
    9. Unyielding Justice- Genos fights with utter enthusiasm while getting his one arm ripped off.
    10. Unparalleled Peril- Terror Lizard Clan’s King gets beaten up by Tatsumaki.
    11. The Dominator of the Universe- The enemies ships gets destroyed and creates chaos.
    12. The Strongest Hero- Saitama engages in fight with Boros and all the superheroes helps in several tasks.
    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive
    One Punch Man- The Strongest Human Alive

    The second season consists of 12 episodes:

    1. The Hero’s Return- Saitama and Genos meets King. Reptilian Monster runs away after hearing King’s heartbeat.
    2. The Human Monster- Garou, a human, sides with monsters and declares war.
    3. The Hunt Begins- Silver Fang gets frustrated after hearing about Garou and fights with is pupil.
    4. The Metal Bat- Garou’s childhood was pretty rough so he always wanted bad guys to win and take all the limelight.
    5. The Martial Arts Tournament- Genos and Saitama takes part in Martial Arts Tournament and face many opponents.
    6. The Monster Uprising- Genos finds out about lots of monsters gathering around the tournament.
    7. The Class S Heroes- Child Emperor shows his powers. And all S class rank heroes fights the enemy.
    8. The Resistance of the Strong- Saitama was about to get the trophy when Gouketsu and his monsters appear at the tournament site.
    9. The Troubles of the Strongest- Bakuzan analysis Saitama and gets excited to fight with him. But Saitama defeats him with one punch.
    10. Justice Under Siege- Saitama plays video games with King. Gyro-Gyro makes amendment asking for world where humans and mosters co-exists.
    11. The Varieties of Pride- Death Gatling makes strategy to take down Garou.
    12. The Wiping of the Disciple’s Butt- Silver Fang and Bomb beats up Garou. Saitama appears again with one punch.

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