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    NIKKI TAMBOLI : Everything you want to know about her



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    NIKKI TAMBOLI : Everything you want to know about her


    Nikki Tamboli is an Indian model and actress who has recently grabbed a lot of attention and limelight after her entry into the Bigg Boss house which is adhered to her strong-headed personality and bubbliness displayed in the show. She is also the youngest contestant on Bigg Boss this season.


    Biography and Personal Life


    NIKKI TAMBOLI : Everything you want to know about her

    Nikki Tamboli was born on the 21st of August, 1996 into a Christian family. Her father’s name is Digambar Tamboli who works in a bank while her mother, Pramila Bodhke Tamboli, is a homemaker and they hail from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. She has done her schooling and higher education from Aurangabad itself and soon started her modelling career after graduating at the ripe age of 21.

    She is a fitness freak and loves to doll herself up. She also loves travelling and is a major animal lover and also has a pet. She is rumored to be dating Rohit Gida, who is a Mumbai-based DJ. But both of them have denied about any sort of relationship between them in interviews. Rohit Gida said that there is nothing official between them, they are just good friends who support each other. Nikki, before entering the house, also said in an interview that she is not in any relationship and that she is open to find a bond or connection in the show. She confessed that she has the likes for Siddharth Shukla, a former contestant of Bigg Boss, with whom she is sharing the screen this season for a short period. When asked about her strategy in the Bigg Boss house, she said that her aim is to be her full-blown self and amuse the audience with her happy-go-lucky nature.




    NIKKI TAMBOLI : Everything you want to know about her

    After graduating, she entered the modelling industry and has done a few advertisements and commercials for top brands. She has also worked for companies such as Shein and Stalkbuylove. She has, for the most part, been involved in the South Indian film industry. She made her debut in acting with the Telugu film “Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu” which came out in 2019. The movie is a combination of sex, comedy and horror where a sexually frustrated ghost keeps troubling two men who have come to holiday with their respective girlfriends. It received hilarious reviews because of its unusual stoyline.

    She has also appeared in two other films within the same year (2019) – “Thippara Meesam” and Kanchan 3. She has attracted a lot of fan following after being in these movies due to her acting skills and also her glamorous attire and her Instagram account in which she is quite active, is a specimen of that. She has more than half a million followers today and is incessantly making headlines after joining the 14th season of Bigg Boss.

    The model has the hearts of many and always looks mesmerizing. It was said that she had hired three stylists and is carrying 18 lehengas to the show and is seen every day in pretty outfits inside the house.


    Her Journey So Far in Bigg Boss


    NIKKI TAMBOLI : Everything you want to know about her

    Nikki Tamboli caught the eyes of many people even before entering the Bigg Boss house. When viewers were first introduced to the glamour-filled lady in the Grand Premiere of the show, she claimed herself to be an extroverted, cheerful and attractive personality who has broken the hearts of many. She was seen to be wearing a purple dress with matching shoes and performed on the song “Dilbar”. While she was the second contestant to be brought on the stage, she entertained Salman and Eijaz with her gregarious and talkative nature.

    She had a blast in the first meeting with her seniors too when she was given the task of convincing Siddharth Shukla to marry her. She was successful in leaving a strong impression on the seniors with her funny act and was granted entry into the house.

    In the house, Tamboli has hogged the dislike of many people because of the bold way of standing by her words. Whether that is positive or negative is open to interpretation but the crux of the matter is that she is coming out as a strong persona compared to the other participants who are still getting acquainted with the environment.

    She has been fighting for her things since day 1 and even if her wants seem unreasonable to others, she doesn’t shy away from what her heart is set on. She has also had conflicts with many of her co-contestants which, as many people believe is a tactful strategy, which aids to bring about your ‘true personality’ and also makes the show exciting.

    An unusual feature this season is the presence of former contestants from previous seasons in the house, namely, Gauhar Khan, Siddharth Shukla and Hina Khan. They are there for a period of 2 weeks to exercise a certain amount of authority over the participants, bringing a new kind of twist in this season.

    Nikki Tamboli has managed to impress these experienced seniors by way of her exceptional performance in the tasks because of which she has been immune from the weekly evictions. Further, all the three seniors unanimously made the decision of making Tamboli the first “confirmed” contestant on the show because of her strong headedness and her ability to bring forth her opinion without fear. She has also acquired the power of decision-making along with her seniors.

    Salman Khan has also praised her during his judgement sessions which happensover the weekend and made it clear that she deserves all of the accolades she is receiving. He made an example of her while criticisig other contestants due to lack of visibility.

    The fact that this South Indian actress who has not really been a part of the Hindi television scene and who has aroused the interest of many while sharing the screen with many mainstream actors like Rubina Dialik, Jasmin Bhasin and Eijaz Khan says a lot about her.

    It will be seen in the following weeks if there arises a suitable competitor for her in the house.

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