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    MTV Splitsvilla X3/13 Today’s Episode 4 Update 27th March 2021: Vyomesh Koul’s Clash With Gary Lu

    The dating show of MTV titled Splitsvilla X3 or Season 13 is about to entertain the viewers once again this Saturday. It will be the 4th episode of the show that began on 6th March this year. Known for heated arguments and sizzling tasks, the show will feature an extreme fight in the upcoming episode as well. Yes, two of the male participants will clash against each other tonight. The viewers will see Gary Lu getting into a fight with Vyomesh Koul. The duo will take on each other due to a female contestant as Arushi Chib will become the reason for this intense fight.

    MTV Splitsvilla X3/13 Today's Episode Update 27th March 2021: Vyomesh Koul's Clash With Gary Lu

    As previously, Vyomesh Koul had gone to the oracle with Bhoomika Vasisth, they couldn’t become the ideal match. Due to this, Bhoomika will return to Silver Villa once the dome session ends. However, Arushi Chib was more than happier to find out that as she looked all smiley after witnessing the oracle announcing that the duo is not an ideal couple. Well, it’s no surprise that Vyomesh adores Arushi a lot and even is slightly possessive about her. In the upcoming episode, the host, Ranvijay Singha, and Sunny Leone will give the contestants a fun task to perform, which will result in Gary picking up Arushi in his arms.

     Well, this simple action of Gary did not go well with Vyomesh. He started getting angry at him for carrying Arushi. The argument got extremely intense. Vymoseh expressed his anger at Gary’s action and the pair fought for a while. Besides, in the 4th episode, a “Music Hug Tug” task will get assigned to the contestants. The task would include the male contestants playing the part of the chairs whom the beautiful girls will hug once the music gets stopped. During every musical round, every girl will hug one boy and the girl who will not get any boy to hug will get out of the game.

    The task will continue until it gets one pair in the end which will win the task. In this task, the contestants of the Golden Villa won’t participate. It will result in an imbalance among the participants as there are 7 boys and 10 girls. Well, to balance the ratio, the girls will get an opportunity to place their votes for that contestant who they want to see perform. So this episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 or X3 will surely leave everyone in amazement due to the content it promises in the promo. Check the show every Saturday at 7 PM.

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