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    MTV Roadies Revolution: Latest update episode 33, 26th December.

    In the last episode of Roadies Revolution we see Nisha and Apoorva get voted out by the other contestants. While gang leader Prince Narula spares one of his star to save Aakash from getting eliminated. Episode 33 is going to be more interesting as every new episode comes with some twist.

    MTV Roadies Revolution: Latest update episode 33, 26th December.
    Ranvijay Singh, the host of Roadies Revolution.

    Episode 33: Written update.

    In episode 33 we see after the intense vote out, the contestants wake up for new morning. But the Aakash is still trying to figure it out that who out of his friend circle ditched him. Later the contestants get ready and reach the task location. To everyone’s shock the host, Rannvijay announces the next vote out. He says there will be a task between two teams where the four Gang Leaders will form alliances. The team that wins get three immunity and from the losing one roadie will end his/her journey there. Gang Neha and Gang Prince forms one team and Gang Nikhil and Gang Varun forms another.

    MTV Roadies Revolution: Latest update episode 33, 26th December.
    Gang Leaders.

    Rules of the task:

    The name of the task is ‘Dum Laga Ke Charades’. It is same a dumb-charades but this one need strength.

    1. In the first stage you have to balance two metal balls in a scale of balance while climbing the ramp.
    2. After reaching the top you have to slide the metal balls on a tray. There are five box at the ground. When the ball will roll and fall from the tray it should break the boxes below.
    3. Out of five boxes three contains names of the movies or clues about the movie.
    4. One roadie will flaunt the step or any pose of the movies while another roadie will click pictures of the roadie showing the pose through a small window of a wall not able to see the other roadie.
    5. After recognise the movies the roadie has to break the pictures related to the movie on the wall in front of him.
    6. To break the pictures at a height the roadie will be tied in a harness and two other contestants of the team will pull the rope to lift him up.
    7. If the roadie is correct then the pictures he will be able to break the pictures but if he’s incorrect the the pictures won’t break.
    8. Once the pictures on the wall get broken the roadie will be able to see another symbol through the tear-off.
    9. The symbols are actually morse code. When the roadie breaks three pictures, he gets to see the morse code which are actually number.
    10. Considering the numbers they have to unlock a box containing a mobile phone.
    11. Once he’s done he have to take a selfie and task ends there.

    Neha and Prince’s team goes first. Team Prince and Neha were struggling hard. Aman didn’t performed well in the guessing the movies right. Gang leader Prince outbrusted on Aman for show overconfidence. Still rest of the team members didn’t give up and sorlve the morse code and Neha unlocks the box and clicks a selfie.

    When team Nikhil and Varun sets up for the task, the perform brilliantly. Shreya was acting the movies out a Varun was guessing them. Both of them had a outstanding coordination. In between the task Neha and Nikhil gets into a hot talk when Neha acclaims the Michiel was whispering the movie name to Hamid while they are not suppose to do so. Later Nikhil cracked the lock and unlocked the phone and clicked a selfie.

    MTV Roadies Revolution: Latest update episode 33, 26th December.
    A still from today’s episode.

    Now the time for RESULTS ! Team Neha and Prince gets 7 penalties and Team Nikhil and Varun gets 3 penalties. And BOOM Nikhil and Varun ace the task and earns 3 immunities for themselves. While Prince and Neha gets a chance to decide themselves that which roadie from their team is going to end his/her journey here. The gang Leaders decided to eliminate Aman. And Aman’s Roadies journey end here.

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