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    MTV Roadies Revolution Episode 34: Ticket to Finale.

    MTV Roadies Revolution‘s last episode ended when Aman from team Neha got eliminated by mutual decision of team leader Prince and Neha.

    Gang Leaders.

    Episode 34: Written update

    MTV Roadies Revolution, episode 34 starts with the contestants return from the last task location and find Gang leader Nikhil and Varun came to visit their respective teams. Nikhil and Varun speak to their team and make them understand and manipulate them to make the right decision.

    Roadies Revolution.

    Right after that the Roadies receive a message to meet Rannvijay at the task location. The Roadies got ready and reached the next task location. It was a humangus task location. And BOOM!!! Rannvijay says that this task is not for all contestants, only the last task’s winner will participate and get three immunity for themselves and will get a opportunity to directly go to the FINALE. Nikhil gives one of the immunity to Michael and Varun gives one of the immunity to Jayant. But the leaders failed to decide whom to give the third immunity. Rannvijay gives the decision making opportunity to the rest of the leaders that is Prince and Neha. And Prince and Neha decides to give the immunity to Hamid. So finally Jayant, Michael and Hamid gets the chance to perform the task.

    Rule of the task:

    MTV Roadies Revolution Episode 34: Ticket to Finale.
    Gang Nikhil and Varun.

    For the task the Roadies need to choose one leader to accompany them in the task. Micheal chooses Nikhil Chinapa, Prince goes with Hamid and Jayant chooses Varun. The task is divided into many stages.

    1. In the first stage there’s a kadahi on a burning oven. And just above it three boxes of sand are kept. The Roadies have to break the boxes with slingshot.
    2. There three digits in the kadahi but the Roadies are allowed to collect them when the three boxes are broken and the kadahi is full of sand.
    3. The Roadies have to do the task as soon as possible because the sand will get heated up in the kadahi and they will have difficulty in collecting the digits.
    4. In the starting of the task the gang leaders will wear a helmet and above it a lifeline. The teams will have to collect the lifelines.
    5. After completing the first stage they will get another lifeline which will get added to the gang leaders’.
    6. In the next task there will be three sacks with different weight. The Roadies have to hang and tie them to a particular height.
    7. After the sacks get tied to a height, three digits will appear just below the sacks.
    8. Those digits will unlock the box with a lifeline which will again get added above the gang leaders’ helmet and a bruster.
    9. In the next stage the leaders will be give a pot with a hole through which water will be flowing and another pot will be in their hand in which they will collect water.
    10. While the leaders will collect water the Roadies will destroy the lifelines of the leaders with nerve guns. If all the lifelines are destroyed the team will be detained from performing the task further.
    11. After collecting the water the leaders have to fill a beaker containing a ball. Once the beaker is full the ball will fall out of it.
    12. The ball will contain a key which will unlock a box with smoke granede. Whoever lit the smoke granede first win the ticket to Finale.

    In the first stage Jayant did a great job. He came first in the first stage then Hamid and then Micheal. The sequence remains same in the second stage. In the third stage gang leader Prince and Nikhil completes the task almost together but unfortunately Nikhil looses the task. And Prince lots the granade and Hamid gets the Ticket to Finale.

    Later Rannvijay asks the Roadies to assemble for their last vote out. While Hamid will get a advantage. At the vote out location he say it will be a double vote out. Hamid gets a chance to save any Roadie except contestants from his own team. All the leaders pitch Hamid for their teams. But Hamid saves Aakash. Later Rannvijay reveals the twist, he says in the double elimination the Roadies will write one name whom the want to vote out. The one whose name is in the voted out contestant’s card will also leave the show. The Roadies voted out Shreya and Shreya’s card says the name of Abhimanyu which give a shock to everyone on the show. Abhimanyu proves his friendship, his promises, and bonds. He asked Shreya to write his name to save his friends Zabi and Vipin. But later Zabi wanted to replace himself with Abhimanyu and save him from leaving the show. Zabi and Shreya leaves the show leaving footprints behind.

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