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    MTV Roadies Revolution 2020 August 15th Episode: Who Will Get Immunity This Week From Next Week’s Vote Out?

    MTV Roadies Revolution is one of the most sensational and legacy reality shows that’s entertaining fans for at least a decade. Roadies Revolution is the title of the season that was on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lock situation in India.

    MTV Roadies Revolution 15 August Latest Episode Immunity Updates

    The episode kicks off with an intense yoga task in which the contestants attempt the best possible replications of the yoga asanas. Apparently, among the teams will probably be winning the job now. The endeavor is every bit as hilarious and entertaining considering the asana efforts by some contestants.

    Apart from the yoga job, there will be an exclusive task which will decide the resistance obtained by the contestants from the suspense filled vote outside session next weekend. Thus far, there’s been one vote outside in Roadies Revolution. Saqib Khan was voted out last week. However, the contestants will struggle hard to gain their precious immunities this week.

    The job for immunity will involve cow dung cakes and the race is on between Team Rannvijay and Team Prince from Raftaar, Neha and Nikhil’s teams.

    The Effect of the job finished as follows:

    Team Prince + Team Rannvijay needed a total of 235 dung cakes
    Team Raftaar, Neha and Nikhil had a total of 512 dung cakes excluding the 27 faulty cakes.
    72 cakes were needed to take away 1 immunity from one of their immunity holding teams.

    As a result of this task, from the 7 immunities, 3 will probably be removed during the vote out next week. The suspense now beckons related to which team will probably be badly affected by this move. A lot of contestants’ future in Roadies Revolution is at stake .

    However, it is uncertain if there’ll be any further twists in the tale before the voteout next week.

    MTV Roadies Revolution Leaderboard
    Prince Narula and Raftaar’s teams have two stars

    Nikhil Chinappa and Neha’s teams have just one star each.

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