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    MTV Roadies Revolution 16th Episode Vote Out Results: Which Team Won The Entertainment Task This Week?

    MTV Roadies Revolution is set for a gripping episode this weekend. The upcoming episode will be filled with drama, entertainment and the suspense stuffed vote out session. Two vote outs took place in Roadies Revolution so far. However, the vote out this week might be the very first ever double vote outside.

    The much awaited result in this week’s installment on the 29th of August will announce the winner of this amusement task. The amusement task was fiercely competed by all the teams. However, there will be a single team which wins the task. In accordance with the reports, Team Nikhil won the amusement task.

    In a recent promotional picture published on the MTV Roadies Revolution’s Instagram manage, Team Nikhil is seen wading the rain and acting against all chances. Team Neha and Raftaar also implemented persuasive performances but it not good enough to win the amusement task.

    The leaderboard of MTV Roadies Revolution is now led by Team Nikhil. While the rest of the teams are with one star every day, the game enters a vital level playing field with lots at stake.

    As the amusement task played together, there was a lot of entertainment on offer. A number of the noted’Roadies Insiders’ like Yukti Arora, Ashish Bhatia and Sohil Singh Jhutti were present in the job venue. Yukti and Ashish shaked their thighs to get a persuasive dance performance. The entertainment task takes place on the banks of River Ganga at Rishikesh.

    Roadies Revolution 16th Episode Vote Out Results
    The buzz around the next vote is gaining traction because the incident promises to be an extremely fiersome one. However, it’s very likely to end on a sad note with one of those contestants departing from the Roadies Revolution journey.

    Akshita Bhardwaj will be voted o. But, the official confirmation about this report is awaited.

    Roadies Revolution Third Vote Out Results: Will There Be a Dual Vote Out?
    While the removal of Akshita Bhardwaj was rather obvious towards the end, the hunt is on for the third vote out of Roadies Revolution. On the other hand, another elimination ie., the next vote from Roadies Revolution will comprise two contestants bidding goodbye to their own Roadies Revolution travel. The following contestants will be voted out this week:

    Sapna Malik
    Yami Ripta

    Apoorva Gole was just another probable contestant to be resolved but she had been saved by a whisker.

    Are you excited about the upcoming Roadies Revolution event? Tell us in the comments below.

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