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    MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September Episode 4th Vote Out Results: Hadippa Games Task Winner, Who Will Be the Be Eliminated This Week?

    MTV Roadies Revolution gears up with to Its Wonderful 18th episode since the Roadies Render Rishikesh. Following a series of vote outside quests, MTV Roadies Revolution gears up for its initial traveling after the Covid-19 lockdown.

    MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September Episode Composed Update and Highlights
    Rann Vijay advised the Roadies to follow security measures as they geared up for their initial journey. The group leaders were eager to embark on the trip too. Roadies embark on a 200 second travel to Dauli village. Rann Vijay flagged off the trip. The Roadies reached their destination during the nighttime. The Roadies stopped in an ashram. They spent the night time sleep at the villagers’ nearby homes.

    The Roadies tasted serenity and pleasure after an extreme vote outside session a week. They awakened into an ecstatic morning at the panoramic village. The following halt for your Roadies was in Roop Nagar village.

    Roadies Kick the Harappan Task!
    Roop Nagar was famous for the very first Harappan civilization. The statement was made related to staff selection. Every group was expected to possess one female contestant. The contestants were taught to design a flag for them. Founded in Harappan costumes, the group members geared up for the job.

    Prince’s group was known as’Singh Raj’. The group members included:

    Akash Milan (Captain)
    Srishti Sudhera

    Varun’s group was known as’Anth Vaasi’. The group members included:

    Vipin Kumar
    Jayant (captain)

    Nikhil’s group was known as’Loyalty’. The group members included:

    Arushi Chawla
    Micheal Ajay

    Neha’s group was known as’Hakuna Matata’. The group members included:

    Sanjay Negi
    Apoorva Gole
    Pratibha (Captain)
    Sanjay Negi

    MTV Roadies Revolution Team Captains
    In the previous episode, Rann Vijay declared that there will not be some new captain statements weekly. Therefore, the captains for the various teams will probably be fixed. The captains for the different groups are as follows:

    The winner of a match will get three points, runner up will get two things. The last match is going to be competed from the top two groups.

    First Game Outcomes
    Female contestants participate in this job. The first contestant to consume the fruit juice will triumph. Pratibha was leading the race she got stuck. Arushi took the lead within others. The winner of this initial game was Arushi out of Nikhil’s team.

    Secondly Game Results

    The next match entails javelin throw. The staff with staff benefit will get three tries while others will get two. Team Nikhil obtained the group edge. Akash defeated Vipin in his very first effort. Sanjay’s throw has been the worst one of all. Micheal defeated Nikhil and finished next. Akash won the match for Prince’s team.

    Third Game Outcomes

    The contestants will compete to catch a fruit jar in the middle of the circle. Nisha appeared as a deserving winner. Therefore, Varun’s team won the endeavor.

    Fourth Game Outcomes

    The sport entails discuss throw. Another group’s members would be balancing vessels full of water on a walking and column. The archers will probably be attempting to hit on the boat. The group benefit was acquired by Team Varun.

    The winner of this Hadippa games job will find a star.

    Team Prince Narula won the Hadippa matches job in Roadies Revolution incident 18. Because of this, Team Prince won a star and entered on the top of the leaderboard with three celebrities.

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