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    Illegal: Season 2

    The new-age legal drama Illegal premiered on May 12, 2020, on the streaming platform Voot Select, written and directed by Reshu Nath and Sahil Raza respectively, is the new legal saga with the lead roles being played by Neha Sharma, Piyush Mishra, Abhishek Oberoi, Parul Gulati, Satyadeep Mishra and Samar Khan. The series consists of ten episodes in total and has an IMDb rating of 7.4 out of 10.

    The script put the focus on to the life of a criminal lawyer Niharika Singh, portrayed by Neha Sharma, who has been hired by one of the famous names in the field of law and justice, a very professional lawyer of the country named Janardan Jaitley, portrayed by Piyush Mishra. Niharika belongs to Bangalore and works in Delhi and feels to be delivering her part for Women’s Right and Justice. She has some unwanted past experiences that play the role of a wound in her present-day life. She was primarily hired for representing Meher Salam, portrayed by Kubbra Sait who is accused of manslaughtering four of her family members but later asked to present the rape accused.

    Illegal: Season 2
    Illegal: Season 2

    The on-going case is not like any other common case trials but there’s too much to come across that is running behind the main case. If talking about the review, the appealing, direction and writing of the series is very poor and unquestionably not an eyeball grabber. Satyadeep Mishra has hammered it with his performance while the other characters have delivered an average stage appearance

    Conclusively, the series is an on-camera representation of the murky and jarring reality of the Indian Justice System which serves those who knows the art of playing shady and manipulative with the truth but the courtroom and its dramatic depiction badly fail at it.


    No formal declaration or announcement regarding the renewal has been made by any of the ensemble cast of the series so far. We might get to see the second series at the time of July of the next year 2021. But it is better to wait for the confirmation than to rely on the mere anticipation.


    Season one comprised of the following actors:

    Illegal: Season 2
    1. Neha Sharma as Niharika Singh.
    2. Piyush Mishra as Janardhan Jaitley.
    3. Akshay Oberoi as Akshay Jaitley.
    4. Satyadeep Mishra as Puneet Tandon.
    5. Kubbra Sait as Meher Salam.
    6. Deepak Tijori as Surya Shekhawat.
    7. Kitu Gidwani as Rohini.
    8. Ankit Gupta as Neeraj Shekhawat.
    9. Vicky Arora as Randeep.
    10. Nikhil Sangha as SK.
    11. Kriti Vij as Sue.
    12. Aditi Tailang as Vartika Tripathi.
    13. Parul Gulati as Devika.
    14. Nabeel Ahmed as Manav.

    THE PLOT:-

    Illegal: Season 2

    The Meher Salam Murder story might be driven ahead as well as JJ is found to be alleged for murdering Salam by Puneet Tandon. Thus, the story is going to take interesting turns and we may witness the truth behind the dark questions in the sequel of Illegal.

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