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    Ek Thi Begum: Season 2 Preview.

    Ek Thi Begum is a 2020 release premiered by MX PLayer Original on April 8. The crime, Drama, and Action genre series consist of 14 episodes. The IMDb rating of the series is 8.5 out of 10. The lead cast comprises of actors like Ahuja Sathe, Ajay Gehi, Chinmay Mandelkar, Ankit Mohan, Abhijeet Chavan, Rajendra Shisatkar, Nazarr Khan, and Vitthal Kale. The series is written and directed by Sachin Darekar.

    Ek Thi Begum: Season 2 Preview.
    Ek Thi Begum: Season 2 Preview.

    The story follows the life of a woman named Ashraf aka Sapna, happily married to Zaheer who once was a companion to Maqsood, a potent underworld don. The bond later turns into a murky and hella ugly rivalry and Maqsood turns out to be Zaheer‘s arch-enemy which ultimately becomes the reason of Zaheer’s death. Ashraf’s rage results in her making a promise to herself that she will go through vengeance in order to exploit Maqsood’s built up the empire and knock down his state and power. The series is metaphorically a room full of disloyal policeman, reporters running behind the hidden truths, rash gangsters, and bargained politicians.


    Ek Thi Begum: Season 2 Preview.

    Season 1 came to an end when Ashraf is shot down by one of the men in her house while she had planned to shoot and kill Maqsood but could not complete her revenge. Being physically wounded and lying on the floor, the shooters leave the place in the delusion that she is dead. Season 2 will begin by displaying the battle as she will come back with the spirit of revenge and fulfilling her desire to bring him to the end of his life.

    THE CAST:-

    Ek Thi Begum: Season 2 Preview.
    Ek Thi Begum: Season 2 Preview.
    Anuja ShetheAshraf Bhatnagar
    Ankit MohanZaheer Bhatnagar
    Chinmay MandlekarBhosle
    Santosh JuvekarSawtya
    Ajay GehiMaqsood
    Rajendra ShisatkarNana Mhatre
    Abhijeet ChavanInspector Tavde
    Pradip DoiphodeInspector Bhoir
    Vithal KaleIqbal Khan
    Nazarr KhanRashid
    Vijay NikamBhau Chavan
    Anil NagarkarBhau Nare
    Suchit JadhavTandel
    Raju AathavaleBala Mama
    Resham ShrivardhanAnjali Dixit


    The series is assumed to be arriving again with its second season to be premiered by MX Original near the month of April of the subsequent year. However, no official date is released yet. Till then, we shall be waiting for announcement by the makers.

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