MTV Roadies Revolution Episode 34: Ticket to Finale.

MTV Roadies Revolution's last episode ended when Aman from team Neha got eliminated by mutual decision of team leader Prince

Ayusi Adhikari Ayusi Adhikari

Roadies Episode 23- “Let’s snatch the Immunity.”

Roadies Episode 23- "Let's snatch the Immunity." BRIEF INTRODUCTION:- So, The fresh episode of MTV Roadies Revolution is here. Initially,

Kritika Chandrakar Kritika Chandrakar

Roadies Revolution Contestant- Akash Verma(Biography and other things all about him)

Roadies Revolution Contestant- Akash Verma BIOGRAPHY:- Akash Verma (Commonly known as Akash) is an Indian Personality who is a Fitness

Kritika Chandrakar Kritika Chandrakar