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    Broken But Beautiful: Season 3 behind the door.

    The 2018 Indian web drama Broken But Beautiful is a Hindi-language digitally released television web series on Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji aired on November 27, 2018, written and directed by Reshu Nath and Santosh Singh. The series has already launched its two seasons and the binge-watchers as well as critics have already gone crazy about it. The IMDb rating of the series is 9 out of 10 which is pretty commendable.

    Broken But Beautiful: Season 3 behind the door.

    The series is the fabled representation of two living souls named Sameera and Veer who are lonely and sad in their lives. Sameera’s misery is because of her past relationship as her ex-boyfriend Karthik has left her and its been 8 months now, she still tries her tooth and nail to reach him and search out for him at the social platforms. While on the other side, Veer is in the agony of losing her beloved wife Alina and despite having completed three years since he lost her, he is in all tears of her memories. How fate brings them together in the screen and how a new love story is woven between them, do they find their paradise or remain in their hells for the rest of their lives? The show answers all of them.

    Overall, we can pen down that the series is so far, so beautiful and incorporates that sometimes broken things as well as broken people can be fixed and being broken is not something which makes us less beautiful, it only takes away some of our treasury moments we could have spent laughing with all our hearts out. Choosing to remain jubilant and beautiful while someone is broken into pieces is the most valiant thing one can do for himself and yes, it is feasible.

    Broken But Beautiful: Season 3 behind the door.

    THE CAST:- Season 1 (The leads)-

    1. Vikrant Massey as Veer Shekhawat
    2. Harleen Sethi as Sameera Joshi 

    Season 1 and 2 (The Recurring Roles)-

    1. Sheetal Thakur as Alina, Veer’s dead wife
    2. Pooja Bhamrah as Porno, Sameera’s friend
    3. Akriti Singh as Agni, Sameera’s friend
    4. Meherzan Mazda as Parth, Agni’s husband
    5. Jitin Gulati as Kartik, Veer’s cousin and Sameera’s ex
    6. Simran Kaur Mundi as Ananya, Kartik’s new girlfriend
    7. Poppy Jabbal as Ishanvi, Alina’s sister and Veer’s supportive sister-in-law
    8. Nikhil Sabhrawal as Adil, Ishanvi’s husband
    9. Gaurav Arora as Ahan Chaterji
    10. Ivan Rodrigues as Ahan’s Dad
    11. Anuja Joshi as Debbie, Veer’s ex-fiancé
    12. Sameer Roy as Neil, Debbie’s brother


    The romantic fictional web drama is all set to come back with another season of it and highly expected to bang on among the viewers as it has managed so far.

    THE CAST:-

    The third instalment of the series is confirmed and all talks among the audience. The third season is going to be altered in terms of lead roles, earlier played by Vikrant and Harleen but this chapter will be displaying the star of the television world i.e. Siddharth Shukla alongside Sonia Rathee in the central roles.

    THE PLOT:-

    Siddharth aka Agastya is a theatre director in the process of healing his heart from some internal injuries meets Sonia aka Rumi who is years younger than him and eventually, they find the way to each other while fighting some battles that life throws.

    Broken But Beautiful: Season 3 behind the door.
    Broken But Beautiful: Season 3 behind the door.

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