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    Bigg Boss14: Rakhi Sawant Surprise Everyone by Taunting Aly Goni

    Bigg Boss14 heading towards the finale, and in an instance, this season will get its winner. In Latest Episode, Bigg Boss14 gave a last wish task, and Rakhi Sawant, Aly Goni, and Rubina Diliak were the winners of that task. The first contestant whose wish comes true is Aly Goni; he video called his Mother. Besides, he gets emotional and sobbing after seeing his niece in his Mother’s hand. However, when Aly Goni came out after the conversation on Bigg Boss14, Rakhi Sawant started mocking him. She even repeats the same words of Aly on the camera. 

    Rakhi copied him by saying, “Mummy mujhe poke karte hain and starts crying.” She even sings a song and teases him. Rakhi says, “Mummy oh mummy tu kab saas banegi, Aly ki mummy kab saas banegi, Rakhi bahut poke karti hai.”

    Rakhi Sawant further added, “My Mother had such a big surgery but she is a strong woman. I was crying, but she did not cry. I just asked Bigg Boss once if my Mother is doing well and I trusted them that God and the makers of the show will take care of my Mother. My Mother is a sherni, I could have wished to see her, but I didn’t because I know my Mother is a strong woman.”

    Rakhi even pursued Aly Goni in Bigg Boss14 front of other participants like Nikki Tamboli, Rubina Dilaik, and Rahul Vaidya. Even when Rubina tries to stop her, she gets rude to her too. 

    Aly Goni controlled his anger and even asked fans about this behavior of Rakhi, where she mocks the emotional relationship of Mother and son. 

    However, Aly Goni shared his shows highs and lows with her Mother and even thanked her for making him a better person. Even her Mother said that every family member was proud of him and how he played the game. 

    Stay Tuned For Further Bigg Boss14 Updates.


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