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    Bigg Boss14: Disha Parmar’s revelation on appearing in the next season of the show

    Bigg Boss14 : On the eve of Valentine’s day, love got filled in the air of Bigg Boss14. The reunion of Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya made fans emotional. Rahul even started crying at her arrival.

    Disha placed two conditions in front of him that she wanted a big wedding and an even bigger diamond. Indian idol singer happily agreed to her condition and even went on his Knees said  he wants to see Disha Parmar as his children’s mother. Everyone around cheered and clapped for them. Even Rahul sang a song for Disha, and when Salman khan jokingly told the girl is gone, he was about to cry. 

    After her exit from Bigg Boss14, Disha did #Askdisha to her fans on Twitter. And her fans asked several questions, including Rahul Vadiya’s proposal, their love story, and many more.

    But one of the essential questions that keep popping up on her screen constantly is that ” Will she be the part of Bigg Boss next season?” To which her reply shocked fans. 

    According to Disha, Bigg Boss is not the right place for her. Even Rahul Vaidya once revealed that the Bigg Boss team was approaching him for a long time, but he never took it up due to his busy schedule. But later after the lockdown, he became free from work and took up the project. 

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