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    Bigg Boss14: Abhinav Shukla’s reply on “If Salman Khan “Pointlessly targeted “him and Rubina

    Bigg Boss14: Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik are the most talked couple during the complete journey of Bigg Boss14. Even Salman Khan criticized them repeatedly. Their fan conjointly targeted Salman for being biased towards them during weekend ka Vaar.

    In an interview, when Abhinav Shukla was asked if he felt he and Rubina were “pointlessly targeted” in Bigg Boss14, he replied that he tried to learn from the censure, as Salman had their best interests deep down.

    He said, See, all I will say is, it is a show about speaking, so all sorts of opinions are welcome. I was steadfast on one thing: whatever Khan sir batate hai, samjhate hai (tells us), it is for our betterment. So I won’t feel let down by it, ki ‘arre yaar, bura lag raha hai, itna bura bola (I feel bad, about someone who said bad things).’ No, I will try to learn what I can from it. He is trying to guide in a way that avoid this, do that he told India Forums.

    According to Abhinav, he did what any reasonable person would do. Aur jo nasamajh hai, woh leke baith jayega, ‘yaar, itna bura daant diya, main kya karoon’ (A stupid person would take it to heart and think that he got scolded so much). I actually became stronger after every Weekend Ka Vaar, he said.

    Last weekend, Abhinav Shukla was eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 in mid-week eviction as a surprise. This decision was taken after a round of voting by the contestants’ connections. After his exit from the show, he took to Instagram to share a heartwarming video, thanking his fans, friends, and family for their love. He appealed to them to support his wife Rubina Dilaik to the same extent, who is one of the top contenders to win the trophy.

    You can watch that post HERE.

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