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    Bigg Boss 14 updates December 16 : “FIGHT FOR CAPTAINCY”

    A trail of stimulation is all set to begin in the house of Big B with the onset of a captaincy task. Today viewers will experience another flabbergasting saga as Rubina will read aloud a file enlisting all the terms and conditions for the captaincy task .It will be a hilarious experience to spot the house members wearing a duck dress and and will strive hard to get the maximum food by their side in order to emerge as the Victor.

    Nikki Tamboli, Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan and kashmira Shah will be commencing the task and step in the arena. These three will be a crafting a conspiracy against Nikki Tamboli in order to discard her from the task. However, Nikki has her own plans to strike them back. With the signal of the buzzer the task will start and in the very initial stage, Tamboli will be surrounded by Rakhi and Kashmira they will be soon joined by Arshi. Following up the plan Rakhi will initiate picking up the food Which will agitate anger inside Nikki As a result of which she will tear her own dress and then try to tear the dresses of Kashmira and Arshi. Taking advantage of the situation Rakhi will lift up all the food articles and will emerge out as a task winner. Following up the series of twists and turns there will be fighting between the members regarding the task.

    Following up the same tasks Aly Gony ,Eijaz and Abhinav Shukla will participate in the second round.This round too will be very eyesome and astonishing. Aly will emerge as the winner for this round. Spectators will witness Tug of war-like situation between Rubina and Kashmira, Rubina and Arsahi and even Rahul and Aij

    Furthermore in the third task we will witness Jasmin Bhasin, Arbeena and and Rahul. Viewers will be surprised to know that Arbina will be supporting Jasmine and she wants Jasmine to be the captain. As desired by her Jasmine will win the task.

    Jasmine, Ali and Rakhi Sawant will be the contenders for the post of captain. However, the sequence of fight will still continue when Rubina will pass a comment on Arshi regarding her weight and body.

    In nutshell, winners of all three tasks have been declared. now It will be interesting to note who will be the real captain of the house. What are your suggestions on it ? Whom do you think will be the captain of the house ?

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