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    BIGG BOSS 14: Rahul Vaidya supported by Farah Khan in Farah Ki Adalat

    In the Bigg Boss live stream we got to see the Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya issue being addressed. The situation was that Rahul Vaidya had previously made a remark on how Jasmin was dressing for her tasks which did not sit well with her, the housemates or even the fans.

    In Farah Ki Adalat, this issue was brought up again. Rahul had made a comment saying that he thinks Jasmin Bhasin is less dedicated to her tasks as she does not dress appropriately for them and he thought this indicated that she was not truly interested in doing these tasks.

    BIGG BOSS 14: Rahul Vaidya supported by Farah Khan in Farah Ki Adalat

    The other housemates were outraged after this comment was made, they said it was not acceptable to make such remarks about a woman’s clothes. Even fans took to social media to convey that they did not support such comments and he had no right to speak to her that way.

    But apparently that is not what he actually meant to say, he wanted to convey that Jasmin should wear something comfortable while doing tasks such as track pants rather than her outfit of choice but unfortunately Rahul farmed the sentence very poorly and faced the everyone’s wrath. This led to a very tricky situation. It was his fault too that he spoke up so quickly without realising what his comment was actually conveying.

    During Farah Ki Adalat, apart from Farah Khan herself there were also two senior journalist present who decided to question Rahul about his nepotism and Jasmin comments. It seemed that he tactfully dodged the nepotism question and addressed the other issue. He said he actually did not mean harm and he was trying to say that one should dress in outfits that are comfortable and don’t cause problems during task and apparently it was misconstrued.

    The again everyone tries to tell him that he should not be making comments on a woman’s clothing. This is where Farah Khan intervened saying that the others should not be bring up the woman card in places it does not apply. She decided to side with Rahul on this situation, she said that he was right and was trying to explain his actions. She was very blunt about this and made everyone quiet. She even told Rahul that he should be patient and think before he speaks as situations like this will keep arising if he does not.

    What are your thoughts on this? Was it right of Farah Khan to side with Rahul or was it an incorrect judgement?

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