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    BIGG BOSS 14: Fans unhappy with Eijaz Khan’s alleged special treatment.

    In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Sunday we saw a lot of bashing of the contestants by Salman Khan due to their behaviour towards Eijaz Khan.

    The Saturday episode might have been filled with fun but on Sunday more than half of the episode was centered around Eijaz Khan. Salman Khan was praising his performance and taking his side on all issues. We witnessed Salman go off at the other housemates, he based Pavitra Punia, saying that she should have been more respectful and should apologize. Even Jaan and Jasmin were called out for being disrespectful towards Eijaz and much more.

    BIGG BOSS 14: Fans unhappy with Eijaz Khan’s alleged special treatment.

    Yesterday’s episode introduced “Farah Ki Adalat” but not surprisingly the whole session was Eijaz Khan centric. Farah called upon Eijaz in her court as an accused so people naturally thought there would be discussion and deliberation on his bad behaviour but that was not the case.

    Even on the court stand, there were only compliments going his way and no accusations. We saw Pavitra Punia trying to become amicable with him again, and she was told to patch things up with him and not fight as often, the two hugged it out.

    The Kavita Kaushik issue was rehashed in the Adalat and she was reprimanded for it again. Even Jasmin was told to speak to Eijaz respectfully and she should say sorry to him. Farah Khan lets everyone know that Eijaz is getting increasingly popular with the fans and that everyone is fond of her. So, basically even in yesterdays episode the only name that was highlighted was “Eijaz”.

    This led to a discussion on social media where some fans are unhappy with the special treatment he has been receiving, they even said that he is being treated as if he has never done anything wrong at all. That is what’s been going on, people want to know if he will be held accountable if he ever makes a mistake.

    The fans do not like the pedestal he has been put on and the fact that everyone is made to apologize to him. Social media users are arguing if there is a clear bias why play the game at all, just hand over the trophy to Eijaz Khan directly.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this issue down below in the comment section!

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