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    Bigg Boss 14: Day 126 Latest update.

    Bigg Boss 14 is definitely a season full of energy, the public hardly expected a recovery but the way it went is certainly surprising: in the last few weeks every moment has been sparkling.


    Devo and Rakhi discuss Arshi’s curses. They both talk about Arshi Khan, who has a habit of cursing family members, Devo tells Rubin that he will not be fulfilling his dinner duties. Rahul Vaidya tries to dissipate the tension. Abhinav tells Rubina that she is stupid. He says she looks dumb.

    Later, Arshi Khan calls Devoleena as Tud Tudi, Devoleena returns it to Rubina, she says you used Abhinav on the show, Abhinav calls Devoleena stupid, the two fight a lot, Abhinav calls Rakhi frustrated, Arshi calls Devoleena a stupid woman. says Devoleena is a psycho, Arshi calls them Nalla.

    Bigg Boss 14: Day 126 Latest update.
    Bigg Boss 14: Day 126 Latest update.

    As seen earlier, Arshi Khan talks about Devoleena’s family bending down to new falls, which doesn’t suit Devoleena. Both Devoleena and Arshi have been hating each other for a while, and this is intensifying today. she masters herself and starts throwing cutlery and whatever gets in her way. She is so upset that she throws the bowl from Arshi’s hand as well. Other house members are horrified by what they see.

    Devoleena begs Bigg Boss to call her into the confession room. Rahul and Nikki do their best to control her but to no avail. Devoleena has an open panic attack. She cries and screams and her confusion can be clearly seen. Rubina that by supporting evil, she will not become a statue of righteousness.It seems a few weeks with the contestants got the worst out of Devoleena.

    Rakhi Sawant with Nikki Tamboli in Bigg Boss 14
    Rakhi fight with Nikki Tamboli.

    Rakhi Sawant on the other hand provoked all the contestants to bring out the worst in them. It wasn’t enough that Rubina threw some water on her, she doesn’t seem to know where to draw her boundaries. Nikki tells her not to try his sàtunts with her because he will hit her, Rakhi says to stop talking and if he has the courage to come and hit her Nikki gets up, all fired Arshi and Abhinav stop. Nikki for doing something wrong, Nikki tells Rakhi that she has a lot of guts unlike her.

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