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    Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya faces Salman Khan’s wrath.

    Few days left for Bigg Boss 14 to end and announce their winner. But the environment of Bigg Boss house is still on fire. The contestants are in a tensed and worried condition. Every housemates are trying their best to survive the finale week to get to the FINALE.

    Bigg Boss 14: update

    Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 14
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    In the latest episode of Weekend ka Vaar, the host of Bigg Boss 14 will confront Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni. The promo shows Salman questioning Rahul and Aly about fighting with Rakhi over the final task. Rakhi deducted Rs 14 Lakh from Bigg Boss 14’s win amount to reach the show’s finale. This action caused a great stir in the house when Rahul and Aly flogged Rakhi for spending the amount on the final. On the promo, Aly told Salman that he got angry after seeing the amount that was sacrificed by Rakhi.

    The promotional video of Saturday’s Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar opens with Salman saying: “Aly aapse puch ke to fayda hi nahi hai kyuki aapki wahi rai hogi na Jasmin, jo Rahul ki hai Hai na? (No point in asking Aly for anything, his answer is same as Rahul for Jasmin) Addressing Rahul, Salman says, “Rakhi ne aisa kya kar diya, Rahul, ki aap aur Aly uske upar buri tarah tut gae (What did Rakhi do to attract Aly’s Wrath)?

    Aly answered that he was shocked to see the amount being sacrificed. “Ekdum amount dekh ke aisa hil gaya (I was shocked to see the amount).”

    Salman said to them, “Jitna aapka haq hai, utna hi Rakhi ka haq hai. Shayad Rakhi hi jeete!” Rahul yells at Rakhi saying that she needs to let Salman know how she often says that she won’t win the show. , hum galat dikhte hain na?

    Salman also questions Rahul and asks him, “Why are you yelling at him, you don’t want to win? Is conversation se lag raha hai aap jeet chuke ho aur Rakhi ke paas apke 14 lakh hain (it looks like you won and Rakhi owes you ₹ 14 lakh)! “

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