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    Bhaukaal Season 2: Updates

    Bhaukaal is a Hindi language action, crime and drama based, an MX Original series that premiered on March 06, 2020, with a total of 10 episodes and an IMDb rating of 8.4 out of 10.

    Bhaukaal is a fictional representation of a real-life IPS police officer named Naveen Sikhera and an ode to all the cops of the country who constantly perform their respective duties in order to protect the citizens of their nation. It dynamically shows the bravery of Naveen Sikhera who come across the evil sides of goons of different gangs namely the Shaukeen gang who has their ruling hands in the western region and the Dedha brothers who rule the eastern region of the crime capital of India, Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh in the year 2003. The reach of these gangs has no boundaries and the dreadfulness that reflects in the activities of their dark world has no limit. The local police do not find it right to interfere and question their terror.

    Bhaukaal Season 2: Updates

    As he encounters another level game of these gangs and the debauchery, he makes his way into decontaminating and eliminating the lawlessness of the area which ultimately leads to the extinction of Shaukeen gang and making inroad into the working operations of the Dedha gang.

    The strong storytelling and acting of the lead cast made the series stand and grabbing enough attention of the viewers. Season 2 is on-demand and the audience would love to see the charming Mohit Raina come back again with a better version of the series. Mohit Raina is, as usual, treat to our eyes and the best thing about the series. The series has been watched for more than 194 million times and did not stop there. The next 6 months after its release, it kept reaching a higher milestone as the days passed by.


    The second season is highly expected to touch the floors of digital platforms in late 2021 as season 1, been premiered during March of this year and so, the making of the sequel is gonna take one year or two. Till then, we can wait for the confirmation to uncover the expected date and be updated regarding the subsequent season.


    In season 1, the following portrayals were made:

    1. Mohit Raina as Naveen Sikhera.
    2. Abhimanyu Singh as Shaukeen.
    3. Siddhanth Kapoor as Chintu Dedha.
    4. Bidita Bag as Nazneen.
    5. Sunny Hinduja as Faruq Qureshi.
    6. Rashmi Rajput as Puja Sikhera.
    7. Pradeep Nagar as Pintu Sikhera.
    8. Gulki Joshi as Neha.
    9. Firoz Khursheed Khan as Balram Yadav.
    10. Ravi Pandey as Iftekar.
    11. Amitt K Singh as Vinod Sharma.
    12. Sanyam Shrivastava as Karim.
    13. Upen Chauhan as Rajesh Yadav.
    14. Shahab Khan as Dayanand Sikhera and others as the guest appearances.
    Bhaukaal Season 2: Updates
    Bhaukaal Season 2: Updates


    Season 1 left us in a curious state whether the goons get succeed over abducting Naveen Sikhera and whether he will be able to rescue himself from the gangsters or not. The storyline of second season will be answering to all our questions.

    Bhaukaal Season 2: Updates

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