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    Bandish Bandits: Preview of Season 2.

    Bandish Bandits is an Indian television drama based web series released by Amazon Prime Original on 4th August 2020 with a total of 10 episodes, featuring Ritwik Bhawmik and Shreya Chaudhary and directed by Director cum Actor Anand Tiwari. The IMDb rating of the series is 8.7 out of 10 and is completely a fresh idea containing fresh faces with absolute flawless music because that’s the main subject of the series it is based on.

    Bandish Bandits: Preview of Season 2.
    Bandish Bandits: Preview of Season 2.

    The musical genre of the series is what makes it different and totally a new thing to watch. The series follows the two passionate singers belonging to completely different musical taste. One admires the classical music while the other is already in love with the fusion/pop music. Yet they decide to begin a journey of self-discovery together, falls in love and the show goes on.

    As you end up watching every bit of it, you will be left amazingly proud of your Indian Classical. And it make you flow with every episode with the backdrop of its psychedelic and staggering music that instantly makes you fall in love with every ounce of it. At the end of the day, the series is worth a watch and therefore it has received thumbs up from the nationwide.


    No news has been aired regarding the sequel of Bandish Bandits. If the series is renewed (as there is high probability of it), it will take around one year or two be come back with strong script or more, including every element to be stuck together at their place immaculately.

    The series ends when there is a musical battle set about between Radhe and Digvijay to decide the future hands of the Rathod Family. The second season can be highly expected continuing the storyline of season 1.

    Bandish Bandits: Preview of Season 2.
    Bandish Bandits: Preview of Season 2.


    1. Ritwik Bhawmik as Radhe Rathod.
    2. Shreya Chaudhary of Tamanna Sharma.
    3. Naseeruddin Shah as Pandit RadheMohan Rathod.
    4. Atul Kulkarni as Digvijay Rathod.
    5. Kunaal Roy Kapoor as Arghya.
    6. Sheeba Chaddha as Mohini Rathod.
    7. Rajesh Tailang as Rajendra Rathod.
    8. Rahul Kumar as Kabir.
    9. Tridha Chaudhary as Sandhya.
    10. Rituraj Singh as Harshvardhan Sharma.
    11. Meghna Malik as Avantika.

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