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    Are Rahul Vaidya & Rubina Dilaik will be the Top 2 Finalists?

    As Big Boss has approaches to its finale, the show has got their all five finalists who are fighting for the trophy and prize for the title of Big Boss 14. Though all five contestants who are in the finale race are giving the tough battle to each other to win the show, the fans wanted to see Rubina and Rahul as the winner of the show. They both have caught everyone’s attention with their fights and showing vulnerability to show without being hesitate. Also with the closing voting trends we have been found that a very close margin between Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya is there. Seeing the current game of the two, many of us feel that Rubina and Rahul will make it to the finale. Are they going to be the top 2 finalists? We can’t say anything as if for now, right?

    Rubina Dilaik has been found one of the strongest contestants since she entered the BB house and we have seen playing her game so well. A lot of other ex-contestants of the Big Boss house show, also feel that it was the only competition between her and Rahul Vaidya. Rahul Vaidya who also seems playing the game so well has also high chances that he may win the show. His fans thinks that he has been playing alone on the show throughout his journey and deserves to win the show. Once, he made a voluntary exit from the house but later he came back and now giving his best inside the house. Also, we cannot deny this fact that Rakhi Sawant, who came as a challenger inside the house, soon become a fan’s favourite by the way she entertains the audience. However, she went down and lost the track in the show after she pretended to be in love with Abhinav Shukla. Whereas, other two contestants Aly Goni and Nikki Tamboli are also the strongest contestant inside the house. Nikki Tamboli who has given so much content to the show by playing so well into the tasks and giving the tough answer to the other fellow contestants was also get weak at some point . Nowadays, she is in a limelight to her friendship and bond between her and Rubina which is been praised and loving by both Rubina and Nikki’s Fans. Talking about the Aly Goni, he has also fair chances for the winner tiltle. It was also been observed by the fans that he would have been given much to the show if he would have come to the other season as he entered the show only to support Jasmin Bhasin. Though he played his game well and secure his place in the finale. He is also been known and loved by the fans for the real connections he built in the Big Boss house with Rahul as good friend which is named as ‘Jai Veeru’ jodi outside by his fans. He also found built a connection of sister with Rubina Dilaik.

    Going with the social media trends, Rubina, Aly and Rahul look like the strongest contenders for the trophy of the Big Boss 14. In such, it will be interesting to see who gets to win the title. Well we can’t really wait to see who finally wins, Rubina Dilaik or Rahul Vaidya? Till then vote for your favorite contestants and make them win as anything can happen.

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