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    6th December Bigg Boss 14 Buzz

    Nikki Tamboli Under Fire for Calling Rahul Vaidya ‘Tharki’

    Nikki Tamboli is getting slammed on social media for launching a personal attack on singer Rahul Vaidya.When Nikki came out of the room, Rahul called her “secretary” and a “sidekick” to everyone in the house. Nikki described Rahul as “khali bartan”Nikki responded: “I know your reality Rahul, keep barking.” She taunted him with barking noises and then revealed to the other contestants: “You know Rahul would flirt with my PR. What do I even say! I have all the messages and screenshots. He would send me songs and voices and conveniently take back
    his words saying it’s for someone else.”
    Rahul initially ignored it, but then said: “The same PR was after me to pitch us as a couple. I know which PR you are talking about. The PR would approach me for us to work on a project together.”
    6th December Bigg Boss 14  Buzz

    Rubina Dilaik Says Rahul Vaidya Made a Joke of Himself by Proposing Disha Parmar

    Rahul is physically hurt during the task and Rubina brings an ice pack for him as she is already eliminated. However, Rahul throws it away saying he did not like the way she spoke to him. Rubina takes offence of Rahul’s actions and calls him a ‘misogynist’ and adds that it is because of his bad behaviour that Disha Parmar did not reply to his marriage proposal. She adds that Rahul ‘made a joke of himself’ by proposing Disha on national TV and that he does not respect women.
    6th December Bigg Boss 14  Buzz

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