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    27th November Bigg Boss 14 latest News

    Weekend Ka Vaar, Preview: Rubina Dilaik lashes out Jasmin Bhasin; Salman Khan reveals shocking details about finale week

    It looks like they are not ready to let their guard down. The tension between their friendship began since they were pitted against each other in the Batwara task. In the first round, Jasmin won the kitchen area while Rubina got control of the bedroom area. However, things turned ugly when Rubina refused to give pillows and in her response, Jasmin served limited breakfast to them.Jasmin and Rubina seem to be falling apart as they have begun hitting each other with below the belt remarks. Rubina lashed out of Jasmin for her weird behaviour while Jasmin remained unfazed.
    The panel of four including Kamya Punjabi, it was pointed out that Jasmin has changed drastically after Aly Goni’s entry.And while the chaos continued, Salman Khan dropped a truth bomb revealing that the Bigg Boss 14 finale week will happen in the upcoming week wherein only four contestants will go ahead in the show.
    27th November Bigg Boss 14 latest News

    Fans want Rubina Dilaik to end her friendship with Jasmin Bhasin

    It even came to that extent where Jasmin told Rubina that she has finally discovered her real face and said that Rubina is kind of a person who creates a mountain of a molehill. Rubina was certainly not pleased with Jasmin’s remark.
    Though Jasmin didn’t reveal anything personal about Rubina and only used it as a tool to instigate Rubina to lose her calm and hence win the task. Eventually, Jasmin won the Batwara task and became one of the contenders in the captaincy task.
    However, fans are not pleased with Jasmin’s behaviour against her good friend Rubina who has been trying to make her understand what she is doing. Even Abhinav said that Jasmin has been influenced by Aly Goni and has been acting like him.
    27th November Bigg Boss 14 latest News

    Personal cheeze bahut gandi samne aayengi national TV par,’ Jasmin Bhasin threatens to expose Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla 

    Jasmin then says that the one who first broke the bathroom rules were Rubina and Abhinav. Rubina then explains Kavita how she and Abhinav have kept the bathrooms clean and tidy always. Rubina’s statements don’t go down well with Jasmin. Jasmin says that if she starts talking about personal things, it is going to be muckier. She also says that she will reveal such personal things that will not look good on national television. Eijaz Khan asks her not to stoop down to that level.Rubina tells Jasmin that if she wants to stoop this low and do personal attacks that she can do so, it will only show her real personality. Jasmin tells her that it was Rubina who first started entering the personal space.
    27th November Bigg Boss 14 latest News

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