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    24th November Bigg Boss 14 Buzz

    Fans of Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla are disgusted with Kavita Kaushik’s ‘friends with benefits’ remark

    We saw Rubina Dilaik asking her out of concern whether she is actually hurt and even offers to help her with first aid. She feels that as a captain she should focus on the task. Kavita lashed out at her and brought Rubina’s conversation with Abhinav Shukla, Aly and Jasmin Bhasin. She called her out for talking about her and Abhinav’s friendship and used the term friends with benefit in their conversation hinting at some personal thing. Rubina asked her to talk about the task and not bring their personal relationship outside the house, inside in the middle of the task. And it is this remark of Kavita Kaushik’s that people found disgusting. They did not like Kavita’s unnecessary outburst on Rubina who was just asking her to carry on with the game and genuinely inquiring about her injury. 
    24th November Bigg Boss 14 Buzz

    Eijaz Khan recall the time his wedding got cancelled; says, ‘Dimaag hatt gaya tha mera’

    He vulnerably replied, “2015 mein. it was supposed to happen. Ek maheene pehle it ended. Dress aa gaya tha, sab ho gaya tha. Dimaag hatt gaya tha mera. Uski galti nahi thi, dono ki galti thi. Barabar decision liya usne. Kind of mutual tha, lekin barabar tha. I don’t think any of us were ready for that, fundamental issues solve nahi the, phir mein phat gaya cheezon
    ko leke, she left.”
    24th November Bigg Boss 14 Buzz

    Kamya Punjabi lauds Kavita Kaushik for saving Eijaz Khan from being nominated; says, ‘Proud of you, meri jaan’

    The fans and friends of the actress lauded her decision of saving Eijaz from the nominations despite having differences with him. Former Bigg Boss contestant and TV actress Kamya Punjabi wrote on Twitter, “”U deserve to be in the show ” #KavitaKaushik to #EijazKhan proud of you meri jaan @Iamkavitak @ColorsTV#BB14 Baaki sabki hassi unki takliff bhar bhar ke dikha rahi thi” followed by another tweet, which reads, “Baaki sabka samaj aata hai kyuki unki bhasha hi ” chal chal, chal nikal, bakwaas, nich, ghatiya, lomdi, chal side hatt” wali hai unko yeh shudh hindi samaj nahi aayegi lekin #Rubina ji aap bhi?
    24th November Bigg Boss 14 Buzz

    Fans are not happy with Kavita Kaushik’s ‘bekaar gaane’ remark against Rahul Vaidya’s profession

    Nikki tells Kavita how the housemates poked fun at her behest. She also takes Rahul’s name. Kavita is a little taken aback when Nikki takes Rahul’s name and she kinda makes a mental note of it. When Rahul asks Kavita to confirm her reason for nominating Aly they get into an argument. Kavita said he should have listened to her when she was stating her reason inside the theatre room. Rahul then fumes when she calls him a biased contestant inside the house. Further, into their argument, we hear Kavita belittles him by going on Rahul’s singing abilities saying he sings, ‘bekaar ke gaane’. And it is this remark of the actress that has not sit well with the audience. They have slammed the Chandramukhi Chautala actress for the same.
    24th November Bigg Boss 14 Buzz

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